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Watsi at Stony Brook University

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Watsi at Stony Brook University is comprised of college students that are passionate about helping other people receive the health care they need. Our club chose to support Watsi because we admire the effort and overall work they put to help patients around the world. Watsi’s transparency is also something to admire because we know where the donations are going and we get updates from the patients we have funded. The transparency and patient updates we receive make all the hard work worth it.

With the full awareness of the lack and the need of improvements for healthcare worldwide, we believe that everyone should have access to health care. Our passion dwells in the idea that teamwork makes the dream work.

Our club’s goal is to help raise awareness of the importance of helping each other out, especially in terms of healthcare. We hold fundraisers every semester and use 100% of the proceeds to donate to patients via the Watsi website. Adopting Watsi’s mission as our own, our club’s motto is “to fund low-cost, high-impact medical care around the world”.

All patients Watsi at Stony Brook University has funded

Baby of Magdalena

Baby of Magdalena is a 1-month-old baby girl and the only child to her young parents. Both of her parents are small-scale farmers of maize and vegetables. Her father also seeks casual labour jobs on construction sites to help supplement their family's income. Baby of Magdalena was brought in as an emergency case seeking treatment at ALMC Hospital after being born with spina bifida and congenital malformation of her lower limbs. When she was delivered, the clinic doctors covered the spina bifida area with saline gauze, which led to wound contamination and put her at risk of infection. Once she arrived at ALMC Hospital, Baby of Magdalena was scheduled for spina bifida repair to help save her life and ability to use her lower limbs. Given the urgency of her situation, she was able to get funding to cover this surgery, and it was successful in preventing infection. However, Baby of Magdalena has now developed hydrocephalus, a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the brain and increases intracranial pressure. This could potentially cause brain damage and cause physical and developmental delays. Now, she needs to have ETV surgery, but her parents cannot afford the treatment cost due to financial challenges. They appeal for financial assistance. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,300 to cover the cost of surgery for Baby of Magdalena that will treat her hydrocephalus. The procedure is scheduled to take place on February 15th and will drain the excess fluid from Baby of Magdalena's brain. This will reduce intracranial pressure and greatly improve her quality of life. With proper treatment, Baby of Magdalena will hopefully develop into a strong, healthy young girl. Baby of Magdalena's mother shared, "My baby’s head is increasing in size and she needs surgery, but we cannot get that amount of money. Please help us.”

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