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Anibal, Guatemala

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Josephine and her twin brother are the third and fourth children to their parents. Josephine's mother says she is a happy child who enjoys playing with her siblings. Josephine's feet are turned inward. Because she can walk, her mother never sought treatment for the condition. Recently, our medical partner's community outreach officer traveled to Josephine's village, where he diagnosed her with clubfeet and spoke to her parents about treatment options. Now, she is scheduled to undergo repair surgery on January 24. Josephine's parents are small scale farmers who herd goats and cows. However, their income is limited, and they need help to provide treatment for their daughter. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,160. Josephine's mother says, "I hope that my daughter will be able to walk straight and attend school."

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Ah Kyaw is a 51-year-old farmer who lives in Thailand. Escaping violent conflict, he left his home nation of Burma and found shelter in a refugee camp in 1987. He now lives in Thailand with his wife and three sons. Ah Kyaw and his two oldest sons work as agricultural day laborers, farming rice, corn, and tapioca fields. His youngest son lives in a Buddhist temple as a "temple boy," where he assists the monks with their daily chores. On average, the family income is hardly enough to cover their monthly expenses. In December 2016, Ah Kyaw was driving a farm truck, transporting two co-workers. The trucked tipped, throwing Ah Kyaw and his passengers onto the road. The truck continued to roll and ran over Ah Kyaw's left hip. His co-workers, uninjured in the accident, took Ah Kyaw to the worker tent. According to Ah Kyaw, the pain was not severe on the day of the accident. However, when he woke up the next day, it had become unbearable. He did not seek treatment, relying instead on painkillers to get through the next 20 days. Then, he met a missionary, who took him to the hospital. Watsi and our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, are asking for $1,500 to help cover a hip replacement surgery, scheduled for January 31. This procedure will allow Ah Kyaw to walk and work again. Your donation will help fund nurses, blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds, surgical equipment and staff, medication, and 30 days stay in the hospital. Ah Kyaw is eager to continue his work and provide for his family. When asked what he would like to do after his hip is fixed, he says, “I’ll just keep working with the boss.”

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Chhlonh is a 31-year-old farmer who is married and has one daughter. He likes to listen to the radio, play soccer with his friends, and help his wife take care of their daughter. When he was 13 years old, Chhlonh had an ear infection both ears. For this reason, he developed a cholesteatoma, or a cyst-like growth, in both ears. He was treated at a health center, but his symptoms did not improve. Since then, Chhlonh experienced ear discharge, hearing loss, and pain. His ear pain prevented him from working on his farm. When Chhlonh learned about our medical partner, Children's Surgical Centre (CSC), he traveled for two hours to seek treatment. On December 12, ENT surgeons performed a mastoidectomy procedure in Chhlonh's left ear to relieve him of his symptoms. After recovery, his hearing will improve. Now, CSC is requesting $842 to fund this procedure. "I hope that I won't have ear discharge and my ear pain will go away," says Chhlonh.

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Talent is a 17-year-old young woman from Uganda. She has six siblings, and she lives with her parents, who are small farmers. She helps her parents grow crops, including millet, beans, pumpkins, and corn. Talent is pregnant with her first child. She visited our medical partner's care center, Bwindi Community Hospital. Because she is young, Talent's doctors consider her pregnancy to be high-risk. They recommend that she receive medical attention before, during, and after labor to ensure a safe delivery. On January 1, she will begin to receive supplements and attend antenatal checkups and health education classes. She will deliver her baby in the hospital, and her baby will be examined by a midwife. After birth, Talent and her baby will be monitored by the hospital staff. Our medical partner, The Kellermann Foundation, is requesting $241 to fund her care. After giving birth, Talent hopes to go back to school. She wants to name her baby Natukunda ("God loves us"). “I thank the donors who are paying for my daughters’ prenatal clinic visits and hospital delivery to have a safe delivery," says Talent's mother. "May God bless you.”

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Estefany, Guatemala

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