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Four-year-old Cecilia lives with her parents in Tanzania. Open cooking fires are common in Tanzania, and Cecilia’s home is no different. When she was seven months old, Cecilia crawled to the cooking fire and pulled a pot of boiling tea onto herself, burning herself badly. Her parents sought treatment at the district hospital. After the treatment, however, the ring and middle fingers of her left hand had fused, and she had a scar. One day, Cecilia's father noticed a car from our medical partner, Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). He asked the drivers about CCBRT, and they referred him to the organization's disability hospital. At CCBRT, a surgeon examined Cecilia and said something could be done to correct her fingers and remove the scar. However, her father, a mason, cannot afford to pay for Cecilia’s treatment. Cecilia is scheduled to undergo surgery to release the contractures on her hand on March 1. Her family needs help raising $1,036 to pay for the operation, as well as one month of hospital care after surgery, food, medicine, medical supplies, and dressing changes. Cecilia’s father is optimistic that, after treatment, she will be able to attend and succeed in school. He hopes she will pursue her education to the highest level, enabling her to live a good life.

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Lynn is a five-year-old girl from Kenya. She is a very smiley child. She lives with her mother, brother, and grandparents. Lynn is currently in nursery school, and her mother works as a secretary at a high school. In June 2015, Lynn and her brother were sleeping when they were both bitten by a red spitting cobra. Both were taken to the hospital and treated, but Lynn's case was worse. The venom had spread to her hand, leaving her unable to properly use it. Lynn has undergone previous [surgery]( funded by Watsi, but she needs more treatment. On March 1, Lynn will undergo tendon and nerve repair surgery at our medical partner's care center, AIC Kijabe Hospital. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is asking for $1,064 to cover the cost of Lynn's treatment. Lynn's family has already raised $206 to contribute to her surgery. “I want to be a teacher when I grow up,” says Lynn. After surgery, Lynn will regain use of her right hand, putting her closer to achieving her dream!

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"I am desperate to get treated because of my children,” shares Shiela, a single mother of three from the Philippines. Two years ago, Shiela was hit by a tree that fell through her house during a storm. She was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery. Since then, she has undergone several more operations to address various injuries she sustained in the accident. However, her right leg still has still not healed properly, and she must use a crutch to walk. Shiela’s walking issues pose a major problem for the family. She has not been able to keep a job, and her family’s sole earnings now come from the herbal medicine that she sells informally. Because of their low income, Shiela and her children are presently living with her older brother. This can change if Shiela receives the proper surgery. Our medical partner's physicians have concluded that her fractured tibia can be fully repaired with an open reduction internal fixation procedure. On February 21, doctors will surgically realign the broken parts of Shiela’s leg bone and secure it in place using an internal nail. This will ensure that her leg heals properly. We can sponsor this procedure, as well as the three-day hospital stay and medications Shiela will need to recover safely, for $1,500. Shiela is looking forward to walking again without pain or limping. “This will really help us and change my life and the future of my children,” Shiela says. “Thank you so much in advance."

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Eduardo is a 13-year-old boy from Guatemala. He lives with his parents and nine siblings. He loves playing with his brothers and sisters and enjoys listening to music. Eduardo was born with microcephaly, a condition in which the brain develops unusually small and causes various developmental abnormalities. As a result, Eduardo experiences seizures that prevent him from being able to walk on his own. When he was younger, his family carried him on their backs to go to medical appointments. However, now that he is older and bigger, they are unable to carry him. Through our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), Eduardo will receive a wheelchair on February 28. WK is asking for $1,034 to cover the cost of the wheelchair. This wheelchair will make the world accessible for Eduardo.

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