We can do so much more good together.

Rally your crew and we can make healthcare a reality for all.

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Find your campaign idea

In just a matter of minutes, set a campaign photo & pick a name. You can easily make your birthday, wedding, house party, or any other occasion even more special by dedicating it to helping others in need. Going for a trek or running a marathon? Raise a Watsi flag and help spread good health. Gather a few friends for a lemonade stand on a hot summer day or a bake sale on a sweet Saturday—just decide to be kind & you can do (just about) anything to join in!

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Spread the word

Now that your campaign is live, reach out to your friends and family. By sharing your campaign via email, social media, or ...carrier pigeon, you'll have more fun reaching your goal together. With 100% of every donation going directly to fund healthcare, your community will be excited to join you in doing good.

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Directly help patients

At the end of your campaign, you'll receive a Watsi gift card for all the funds raised from your amazing community of friends and family. Then you'll be able to use the gift card to directly support healthcare on Watsi—spreading small donations around to many patients or choosing to fully fund the treatment for a patient in need.


See your collective impact

Get ready for the best day! You and all your friends & family who joined your campaign will receive an update on the patients you've helped together. This is when you get to see the life-changing impact of your campaign in action.

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A little dose of inspiration

Kat's Christmas Campaign

Created byKatrina

Kat's crew celebrated the holidays with life-changing gifts to patients in need!


Aloke's 25th Birthday

Created byAloke

Aloke's friends made his 25th birthday one that he & our patients will never forget!


Chris' Kilimanjaro Hike

Created byChris

Chris' family & friends cheered him to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with donations to Watsi!