Pragya Jalan
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Pragya joined Watsi on March 28th, 2013. 14 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Pragya's most recent donation supported Sopheara, a ninth grade student from Cambodia, to fund fracture repair surgery so he can return to school.


Pragya has funded healthcare for 95 patients in 12 countries.

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Francis is 27-year-old man who is married and they have one child. He drives whenever he can get work and his wife runs a small kiosk (a temporary roadside shop) that helps to sustain their young family. Francis shared that he's feeling horrible because he had just married when an accident occurred, and now he has to depend on his wife. Francis remembers 15th May 2018 as if it was yesterday. It is a day he says he saw death but says he thanks God he is still alive. Francis worked as a driver who was employed when he could get work. He drives sand lorries, all the drivers wait in one field where lorries are packed and wait for their opportunity to work. Then when the opportunity comes, the driver goes to get sand about 30 kilometres away from his home area. It is in one of these trips that Francis was driving a lorry full of sand and had a head-on collision with a trailer. He was taken to a hospital and a fracture repair procedure was done. But last November Francis started having pain and an inability to walk with this leg. He went to a nearby hospital where an x-ray was done and showed dislodged plates. He was told to give it time to heal but seeing no difference decided to come to Nazareth Hospital where the surgeon advises he undergo a fracture repair to finally heal his condition. On July 26th, Francis will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. Francis will no longer be in pain, he will be able to work and provide for his young family. Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,049 to fund this procedure. “It is very frustrating to marry and be unable to support your family. This accident changed what plans I had for my new family. Now I cannot meet the cost but I plead for help so that I can be able to use my leg and resume my job,” said Francis.

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Ampiire is a 30-year-old married mother of three children, including two girls and one boy who are all in school. Ampiire lost her parents at a young age and didn't finish school, instead staying home to care for her younger siblings. She educated them, and now one sibling is a hairdresser while the other is a teacher. Ampiire earns a living from small-scale farming and normally grows crops like beans, potatoes and maize for consumption at home. She also sells off the surplus to generate income, while her husband is a tailor. For about a year, Ampiire has experienced pain in her lower right abdomen. The pain interferes with her day-to-day life, and worsens whenever she is farming, washing clothes, or when she walks a long distance. She also has abdominal bloating and discomfort that has affected her eating habits, and she has experienced notable weight loss. Ampiire had never been to the hospital for medical treatment for her condition due to a lack of finances and because she thought the pain would stop. However, when the pain worsened, she visited a doctor who diagnosed her with a bilateral ovarian cyst. The doctor recommended a cystectomy. If her condition is not treated, the cyst could turn malignant, or cause acute abdominal tenderness. Fortunately, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH), is helping Ampiire to receive treatment. On May 22nd, Ampiire will undergo a cystectomy at AMH's care center, and now AMH is requesting $220 to fund her procedure. Ampiire shared, “I really have hope that with your support, I will have surgery. I hope to regain my health and continue farming to support my family.”

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