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Than Win
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Photo of Than Win post-operation

Than Win received surgery to remove a screw (pictured above) from his lung after his parents noticed raspy breathing and a missing appetite.

Than Win’s procedure went very well. He is excited to go home and see his parents, who have a newborn and were unable to travel with him to the hospital. His aunt, who made the trip with him, said the family is very grateful to the donors who supported her nephew’s care.

When three-year-old Than Win’s parents noticed that their son was breathing irregularly, they took him to a clinic, where an X-ray revealed that he had a screw lodged in his lungs.

The screw in Than Win’s lungs is causing the otherwise happy child to have problems with his respiratory system. Than Win’s doctors believe that they can remove the screw surgically.

The endoscopy and surgery that would remove the screw and return Than Win’s respiratory system to normal costs $1,200. Than Win’s father is a Burmese tenant farmer, paying a rental fee in order to work another farmer’s land, and he doesn’t have much disposable income to put towards this procedure. Let’s help baby Than Win lead a life free of respiratory problems!

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Than Win was submitted by Burma Border Projects in Burma. Learn more