Evgeniya Zueva
Evgeniya's Story

Evgeniya joined Watsi on April 30th, 2013. 17 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Evgeniya's most recent donation traveled 8,300 miles to support Phyu, a mother from Burma, for life-saving heart surgery.


Evgeniya has funded healthcare for 36 patients in 11 countries.

All patients funded by Evgeniya

Meet 20-month-old Sherlin from Guatemala. “Sherlin is a sweet little girl who loves to share. She imitates her mother's singing with babbles as her mother does household chores and likes to watch her do dishes,” shares our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). “Her mother works weaving textiles to sell and support her family. The family is very much a little unit – happy and extremely close.” Sherlin has acute malnutrition and has been consistently ill for months. “She currently has diarrhea and a cough. Her mother has taken her baby to the doctor many times but was never given medication that was effective and could not always afford the medications prescribed,” reports WK. “If intervention does not occur, Sherlin’s immune system will continue to weaken and her illness will worsen,” continues WK. “She is already at risk of pneumonia amongst other potential acute illnesses, and our team worries that if she does not get the medication and supplementation necessary, she will be at risk of dehydration and its potentially lethal effects.” With $535, Sherlin can receive comprehensive treatment for malnutrition. This includes growth monitoring, micronutrient and food supplementation, and de-worming medication that will allow her to increase overall caloric intake, overcome diarrhea, and recoup her height and weight. Her parents will receive nutrition education, allowing them to better care for Sherlin as she grows. “Intervention now will prevent the future devastating effects of malnutrition and give Sherlin the chance to live a healthy, productive life,” says WK. “Thank God you want to help us," shares Sherlin's mother. "May the lord bless you and your institution.”

Fully funded

Meet Sari, a 50-year-old mother of six children from Cambodia. “In her spare time and while she is working, Sari likes to listen to Khmer traditional songs on the radio,” shares our medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC). Unfortunately, due to a shoulder dislocation caused by a recent accident, Sari has been unable to work on the farm to support her family. CSC reports, “about three months ago, Sari had a bad fall.” The accident resulted in a left elbow dislocation—a condition in which the elbow bones have been pushed out of place. Such a complex dislocation can cause damage to both the bones and surrounding ligaments. This trauma can limit the elbow’s range of motion, cause pain or discomfort and ultimately damage the surrounding nerves and blood vessels. In addition to causing her pain, Sari’s injury prevents her from doing any manual work at the farm. With $405, Sari will undergo an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) procedure, which will reset and rebind the fractured bones in her left elbow using steel plates and rods. Sari will spend two weeks in the hospital, undergo several preoperative laboratory examinations and receive intensive postoperative support, including sessions with a physiotherapist. After she recovers, Sari will “regain use of her arm and have no more pain,” CSC reports. Sari is optimistic about treatment—after recovery she plans to return to work “and help support her family,” CSC shares.

Fully funded