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Tibenderana is a 23-year-old labourer from Uganda. He is the seventh born of eight children. Tibendarana shared that he and his siblings did not attend school when they were growing up, and both his parents are illiterate and earn a living from small scale farming. Tibenderana also farms and sometimes does casual jobs in sand mining around their village. Tibenderana shared with us that in February he was attacked on his way home. Tibendarana was first brought to Rushoroza Hospital after the incident, where he presented with a traumatic infected left-hand cut injury. There, they stopped the bleeding and referred him to Mbarara Hospital for hand surgery review. However, due to lack of finances, his family decided to take him home instead. Later on, he returned to Rushoroza Hospital with an infected hand, and is currently in severe pain and discomfort. Doctors recommend he undergo an amputation of the left hand to prevent the hand infection from progressing to the rest of his arm, which could result in amputation of the entire limb. He could also develop other complications and will continue to be in severe pain. Tibenderana appeals for financial assistance for the cost of his care. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare, is requesting $255 to fund Tibenderana's hand surgery. Once completed, this procedure will hopefully allow him to live more comfortably. After recovering, Tibenderana is most looking forward to regaining his independence. Tibenderana shared, “I pray that I may get well through surgery. I am in severe pain and helpless; I have lost hope. I believe I will be better without the hand and will proceed with any duties I may be able to do with one hand.”

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