Giao-Anh Le
Giao-Anh's Story

Giao-Anh joined Watsi on August 25th, 2015. 25 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Giao-Anh's most recent donation supported Lucy, a young girl from Tanzania, to fund clubfoot treatment.


Giao-Anh has funded healthcare for 23 patients in 9 countries.

Patients funded by Giao-Anh

Cristiano is an eight-month-old baby living in Uganda with his mother, father, and older sister. His older sister is in nursery school, and his mother works on a farm and also runs a tailoring business, altering and repairing clothes. Cristiano's father is unemployed, and relies on Cristiano's mother's income. When Cristiano was one week old, his mother noticed a small swelling in his right inguinal region. She took him to the local hospital where he was diagnosed with a right inguinal scrotal hernia, but was advised to delay surgery until he was older. Since then, Cristiano's hernia has increased in size and become intermittent. She tried giving him herbs, but they have not helped to reduce the swelling. A hernia is when an internal organ pokes through the abdomen wall, causing severe pain. Left untreated, a hernia can cause intestinal blockage or prevent blood from reaching vital parts of his intestines. Cristiano needs surgical intervention to repair the abdominal wall and reposition his herniated tissue. Cristiano's family needs financial assistance to afford the surgery, now that he is able to have it. Because of her child’s condition, Cristiano's mother has been unable to do most of her work at home or tend to her fields. She spends most of the time caring for Cristiano. For $220, Cristiano can receive the surgery he needs. The total cost covers the supplies, medications, procedure, and two weeks of inpatient care. After her child’s surgery, Cristiano's mother hopes to resume working in the gardens and running her tailoring business.

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