Robert Owen
Robert's Story

Robert joined Watsi on January 27th, 2015. 26 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Robert's most recent donation traveled 4,300 miles to support Gritlie, a preschooler from Haiti, to fund heart surgery prep.


Robert has funded healthcare for 34 patients in 8 countries.

patients you have funded

Rosemarie is a 38-year-old woman with two children. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her children. Eleven years ago, Rosemarie began to experience uncomfortable symptoms. She had difficulty swallowing and felt tightness around her neck. When she worked, she experienced shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. Over time, her symptoms have worsened and grown more frequent. There are times when she cannot perform simple household chores. Rosemarie's husband is a construction worker. Recently, her oldest son left school to begin working. Despite his help, they do not earn enough to support the family. Though Rosemarie wanted to seek medical treatment, the family could not afford hospital expenses. Finally, Rosemarie visited our medical partner, International Care Ministries. She underwent a series of laboratory tests and was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. She will undergo a thyroidectomy surgery on December 9. Now, Rosemarie needs help to fund this $1,500 procedure. She looks forward to recovery. She will return to work and spend time with her family. "I was praying fervently that I will be healed from this condition," says Rosemarie. "Now, it will be answered. Thank you, because you will help me for this surgery. My family and myself are grateful for this wonderful early Christmas gift to us. After the treatment, I will cook a very nice meal for my family and friends. Though we are not rich, we are thankful still that this life is worth living. Thank you so much."

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