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Wine is a sunflower and rice farmer from Burma who needs $1,500 to fund cardiac surgery.

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December 20, 2019

Wine is a 23-year-old man from Burma. Wine’s family are subsistence farmers and they mainly grow rice and sunflowers. Since Wine’s health deteriorated, he can no longer work on the farm and now looks after two cows. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends.

In 2016, Wine started to experience a rapid heartbeat and fatigue. As his heart rate continued to be fast, he went to see a medic in his village. The medic told him to go to the hospital instead so he visited a general hospital near his hometown. At the hospital, he received an echocardiogram and the result revealed that Wine’s heart valves are not good. The doctor told him that he needs to have surgery and that it would cost six million kyat (approx. 6,000 USD). The doctor then asked his family to come back after they have enough money for the surgery and prescribed him monthly oral medication. Since then, Wine also tried to treat himself with traditional medicine. When that did not work, he relied on oral medication to stabilize his condition. However, his symptoms frequently return. At the moment, Wine cannot do strenuous work such as lift heavy things, and he has back pain.

Wine said, “I am very upset that I had to stop working on the farm and that I cannot support my family anymore. I want to be healthy and recover as soon as possible. When I recover fully, I will find a good job to pay back my debt and I will help my community as much as I can.”

Wine is a 23-year-old man from Burma. Wine’s family are subsistence farmers and they mainly grow rice and sunflowers. Since Wine’s health de...

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Wine's Timeline

  • December 20, 2019

    Wine was submitted by Ma Tu, Senior Project Officer at Burma Children Medical Fund, our medical partner in Burma.

  • December 23, 2019

    Wine's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • January 10, 2020

    Wine was scheduled to receive treatment at Lampang Hospital. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.


    Wine is currently raising funds for his treatment.

  • TBD

    Awaiting Wine's treatment update from Burma Children Medical Fund.

Funded by 35 donors

MV, AV Repair and Valves Replace
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedure
On average, it costs $20,349 for Wine's treatment
Subsidies fund $18,849 and Watsi raises the remaining $1,500
Hospital Fees
Medical Staff
  • Symptoms
  • Impact on patient's life
  • Cultural or regional significance

​What kinds of symptoms do patients experience before receiving treatment?

Patients may experience excessive sweating, extreme tiredness and fatigue, irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, or loss of consciousness.

​What is the impact on patients’ lives of living with these conditions?

Patients cannot do labor work—even doing household chores may tire them. Adults will be unable to care for their families, and children will be unable to play or attend school. As the condition progresses, patients may become unable to eat.

What cultural or regional factors affect the treatment of these conditions?

Patients cannot afford to go to the hospital. Many people rely on medications provided by dealers who are not authorized pharmacists.

  • Process
  • Impact on patient's life
  • Risks and side-effects
  • Accessibility
  • Alternatives

What does the treatment process look like?

Damaged valves are repaired and replaced during open heart surgery.

What is the impact of this treatment on the patient’s life?

This surgery saves lives. Children will return to school, and adults will return to working and caring for their families.

What potential side effects or risks come with this treatment?

Potential side effects include bleeding, infection, fever, swelling, inflammation, arrhythmias, damage to surrounding organs, stroke, and death. Heart surgery is more likely to be life-threatening for patients who are very sick before the surgery.

How accessible is treatment in the area? What is the typical journey like for a patient to receive care?

Many of our medical partner's patients live in remote areas. They cannot afford or access treatment because it is only available in large cities.

What are the alternatives to this treatment?

There are no alternatives. If left untreated, this heart condition will become life-threatening for patients.

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100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.


Nasma is a ten year old girl from Tanzania who has had a challenging health background since she was young. When she was one year old, Nasma's ability to walk and talk was affected. This was followed by increased head size due to fluid accumulation in the brain. Nasma previously had surgery and she recovered well, albeit with slow growth. Unfortunately in 2016, she fell sick again and was in a coma for 6 weeks. Her parents had lost hope and thought she would pass away. However, she made a remarkable improvement and further needed hydrocephalus care. Her parents were not able to settle the hospital bill and went back to the village. With a continuous head migraine, Nasma's parents brought her to our medical partner in June 2019 where she had VPS shunt insertion with Watsi donor support. Later in December 2019, she was brought back with complaints of cries and head migraine. Upon review and several days of observations, the surgeons recommended a shunt revision to reduce intracranial pressure. She is in much pain, neither able to walk nor talk. The surgery will greatly reduce the pain and chances of brain damage. Nasma's parents are peasants who rely on subsistence farming to make ends meet. They had to borrow bus fare to reach our facility. Nasma has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the brain and increases intracranial pressure. As a result of her condition, Nasma has been experiencing Increased head circumference and persistent pain. Without treatment, Nasma will experience severe physical and developmental delays. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $728 to cover the cost of surgery for Nasma that will treat her hydrocephalus. The procedure is scheduled to take place on January 2nd and will drain the excess fluid from Nasma's brain. This will reduce intracranial pressure and greatly improve her quality of life. Nasma’s mother says, “Please help my daughter get this treatment so that she may even be able to smile and talk again.”

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$438to go

Meet another patient you can support

100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.