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Photo of Mayda post-operation

Mayda received preliminary dental work and surgery needed to repair a hole in her heart.

“Mayda has been waiting a long time for surgery,” said Dr Peter Rohloff, the medical director at our partner, Wuqu’Kawoq (WK). “Things were complicated by the need for a lot of dental restorative work prior to surgery and by the fact that the family apparently has a genetic reason for heart disease as Mayda is the second of four siblings in which we have detected the exact same heart condition. So we’ve been pacing things a bit, so the family has a breather between surgeries. Mayda did extremely well and is now back at home, recuperating. This surgery should guarantee her a normal long life without any permanent heart problems.”

“The family is overwhelmed by how much help they are getting from Watsi and WK, and are very thankful,” Dr. Rohloff said. “One heart surgery would be out of their financial capacity, to say nothing of multiple surgeries in the family!”

Mayda is a 7-year-old girl from Guatemala with an atrial septal defect, a large hole in her heart that causes fatigue, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. According to the doctor that confirmed Mayda’s diagnosis, “surgery should completely correct her symptoms and allow her to lead a normal life.”

Mayda also has some issues with her teeth, and the cost of treatment will include preliminary dental work to prevent any infection from spreading from her teeth to her heart during surgery.

Mayda’s brother has the same heart condition, and is currently being sponsored by Watsi donors as well. Let’s ensure they both have the opportunity to live healthy lives together!

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