Bernardo Compagnoni

Brazil   •   Born on June 2

Bernardo's Story

Bernardo joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. 1,772 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Bernardo's most recent donation traveled 6,200 miles to support Rollins, a young boy from Kenya, to fund testicular surgery.


Bernardo has funded healthcare for 64 patients in 10 countries.

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"I am scared about what could happen,” shares Maria. “But I am glad I have support." 36-year-old Maria lives in a rural region of Guatemala, and delights in caring for her seven children. Maria is currently expecting another baby. “For three months Maria has not had regular menstruation, and 15 days ago she started to have hemorrhaging,” explains our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). “Our medical team suspects she has an ectopic pregnancy based on the results of some preliminary lab tests.” In an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg remains in a woman’s fallopian tube instead of moving to the uterus to develop as it should. This means the fertilized egg will not survive, and that the mother is at serious risk for internal damage: for instance, the fallopian tube can rupture, causing dangerous bleeding. “Ectopic pregnancies are fatal to the mother if not treated,” explains WK. Fortunately, treatment is available for Maria. A surgical technique known as laparoscopy can be used to examine Maria’s pelvic organs through a small incision in her abdomen. Doctors will then use a small camera to locate and remove the fertilized egg from her fallopian tube. This operation costs more than Maria and her husband, a day laborer, can afford—especially with seven children to support. But we can help. $977 will fund the surgery that Maria needs, as well as the lab tests and medication that will ensure she remains healthy after the operation. “This procedure will save Maria’s life,” says WK, “allowing her to be with her husband and seven children, and have a long and healthy life.”

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"I really am saddened by Angel’s condition. My greatest prayer is that she gets treated soon,” says the mother of Angel, a three-month-old baby girl who lives with her parents and two older siblings in Kenya. Angel was born with spina bifida, a condition characterized by the incomplete closure of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), tells us, “Angel has a mass swelling on her lower back. She is at risk of developing tethered cord syndrome that can lead to either scoliosis and or kyphosis and getting severe infections on the exposed nerves. She may possibly lose muscle function in the lower limbs if not treated.” Angel’s parents are laborers who some days cannot find work. The money that they do earn is not enough to pay for rent, food, and school fees for the older children. Given their financial situation, they cannot afford medical care for Angel. With $805 in funding, Angel can undergo a surgical procedure known as spina bifida closure. Doctors place the spinal cord and nerves back inside the backbone and cover them with membranes before closing the opening on Angel’s back. Funding for Angel’s treatment also includes a five-day hospital stay and three days of physical therapy. “Angel’s treatment will reduce the risk of infections, development of tethered cord, and loss of muscle function in her legs,” says AMHF. Let’s help fund surgery for Angel!

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