Bruce Ellinwood
Bruce's Story

Bruce joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. 1,770 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Bruce's most recent donation supported In, a loving grandmother from Cambodia, to fund eye surgery.


Bruce has funded healthcare for 10 patients in 7 countries.

Patients funded by Bruce

23-year-old Zin Oo lives in Thailand with his wife, one-year-old daughter, four younger siblings, and his parents. They recently moved from Burma to Thailand three years ago seeking better job opportunities. Zin Oo's parents are no longer able to bring in an income, so his entire family depends on Zin Oo and his wife as the only source of financial support. Earlier this year, Zin Oo was in an accident while driving his motorbike to drop off a friend. Pieces of roofing from an unfinished construction site blew onto Zin Oo and his motorbike, causing him to crash into a small channel in the side of the road. The crash broke a bone in Zin Oo's lower leg, so he went to the local hospital where doctors were able to surgically secure his bone back into place with rods. Zin Oo was able to pay for this operation with the little savings he had working on a potato farm, but now he needs another surgery to remove the pins that the surgeons had used-- surgery he cannot afford. Zin Oo used to be able to save some money, but after his accident and visits to the hospital all the money that he saved is gone. Zin Oo can no longer work because of the pain and discomfort in his leg, so his wife now has to work most of the time as a day laborer. This sole income is not enough for even just everyday expenses. “It has been hard for the family since Zin Oo got in an accident because he is the one that the family depends on”, shares Zin Oo's mother. Zin Oo feels like he has become a burden on his wife and his family due to his leg condition. Let's help him raise $1500 for his operation so that he can complete the full procedure to heal his broken leg. After treatment and recovery, he will be able to walk again free of pain. Zin Oo and his family are very grateful for his treatment, and he is excited to return to supporting his family. “I want to recover quickly, continue my work and then I can help my family," Zin Oo shares.

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