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David Muir

United Kingdom

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David joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. 1,775 other people also joined Watsi on that day! David's most recent donation traveled 4,500 miles to support Nicodemus, a boy from Kenya, to fund knee surgery.


David has funded healthcare for 18 patients in 8 countries.

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Kyaw is a 39-year-old farmer who lives with his wife and four children in Burma. He was referred to our medical partner, Burma Border Projects (BBP), after being diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and kidney stones. “Two years ago, Kyaw started to feel back pain and pain when he urinated,” explains BBP. “He also felt some numbness, and it was difficult to pass urine.” At that time, Kyaw borrowed money to pay for diagnostic tests, but he was unable to pay for the recommended procedures. Since then, Kyaw has been hospitalized twice and had the larger of two kidney stones removed. “Kyaw recovered well from this surgery,” BBP tells us. “He is now scheduled for removal of the kidney stone in his other kidney.” In addition to farming, Kyaw also works as an agricultural day laborer, raises and sells chickens, and grows rice and vegetables for his family. Despite his hard work, the family is not able to save money and will sometimes borrow money for unexpected expenses. For $1,500, Kyaw will undergo surgery to remove the kidney stone. An additional $3,099 from Burma Children Medical Fund will help to cover the costs of transportation to and from the hospital, pre-surgical consultations and tests, eight days of hospital care, and a follow-up visit after surgery. “Following surgery, Kyaw will not have recurring urinary tract infections, fever and back pain,” says BBP. “He will be able to work without pain and continue to support his family.”

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Meet Cristian, an eight-month-old boy from Guatemala. Cristian is the only child of two loving parents. According to our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), Cristian’s father is a day laborer and his mother weaves textiles to sell at a market. To supplement their income, they also tend to a small corn field near their house. Cristian is acutely malnourished. Due to his condition, “Cristian has diarrhea and a fever, and his height and weight are far below the average for his age,” WK shares. “His parents cannot afford to pay for medication or hospital visits and so without intervention his health will continue to decline.” A healthy diet is essential for normal childhood growth--supporting both physical and cognitive development. With this condition, Cristian’s immune system may also diminish, exposing him to risk of infection. For $535, Cristian will be treated for acute malnutrition. He will receive nutritional supplements and medication to treat and prevent gastrointestinal infections causing his diarrhea. Cristian’s mother will also participate in intensive nutrition education courses--teaching her how to better care for her son’s nutritional needs. WK states that with the proposed treatment, “Cristian will begin to recoup the height and weight he has lost, will avoid the long term effects of malnutrition, and develop the ability to concentrate and eventually succeed in school and the work force.” "I want to learn all I can to help my first child," Cristian’s mother shares, "so that I can then help others and prevent malnutrition in the future.”

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