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Ezra suffers with the most common and completely treatable congenital deformity throughout the developing world – clubfoot. Ezra has a case of relapsed clubfoot affecting his right leg. Without surgery, he will be unable to walk, and running is out of the question. This affects his ability to go to school, play with friends, and live a normal life. Fortunately, the doctors at CURE Malawi can operate on Ezra to change that.

Ezra lives in an economically disadvantaged family in the extremely economically disadvantaged country Malawi. His parents have the same hopes for him that each of us would for our own children – to have a bright future with meaningful work and a family of his own– but without the ability to walk those dreams won’t be possible. After surgery, attending school, finding a job, and having a family of his own someday will be possible for Ezra.

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