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Project Medishare

1,748 donors have funded healthcare for 181 Project Medishare patients in Haiti.

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Project Medishare empowers Haitians to provide and receive access to quality health care. The organization runs two health clinics and two maternity centers in one of Haiti’s most rural and remote areas, and for more than 25 years has managed numerous community-health programs.

Project Medishare shares knowledge and resources with local partners, including Hospital Bernard Mevs, to improve healthcare, health infrastructure and strengthen the skills of medical professionals.

Project Medishare’s work is community-based and Haitian led.

All of their financials and program reports are publicly available on their website.

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Erla is a 48-year-old woman from Haiti. In 2013, she felt a small pain in her right breast. Over time, the mass grew and Erla began to notice unusual secretions from her breast. “She decided to see a doctor in a neighborhood outside of Port-au-Prince,” says our medical partner, Project Medishare. “She could not unfortunately meet the doctor because there were too many people waiting. She stayed home all those two long years with pain until she heard a radio announcement about a hospital which has special services for people with breast masses.” “She decided to come and get diagnosed by having some lab tests done,” her doctor continues. “The result revealed that she had breast cancer. She spent six months following the process with a chemotherapy and now the time has come for her to be operated on to remove her cancer.” Erla needs a mastectomy to remove her breast, which will cost $849. She has very little money, especially since her husband passed away after the earthquake in Haiti. “She used to have a small business selling items of different sorts,” her doctor says. “Now, because of her sickness, she practically can’t do anything anymore. She is supported by her elder son who doesn’t have much money and can’t pay for the treatment.” “She wishes God to make the operation successful,” her doctor adds. “She hopes that you can help her take this important step in her treatment. Hopefully, she will be able to restart her small business.”

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