Grace Myers
Grace's Story

Grace joined Watsi on March 22nd, 2014. 7 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Grace's most recent donation traveled 7,900 miles to support Nabin, a farmer from Nepal, to fund fracture repair.


Grace has funded healthcare for 33 patients in 11 countries.

Patients funded by Grace

“We are not in a position to raise the funds needed for our daughters’ surgery,” says Shantel’s father, “but we are asking for help in ensuring her well-being.” Shantel is a beautiful nine-month-old girl who lives with her parents and older sister in a two-room rental house in Kenya. Like most babies, Shantel was born with a protruding navel. But whereas in most cases the navel retracts with time, Shantel’s belly button remained swollen. This worried her parents, and when they consulted doctors, they learned that their baby has an umbilical hernia. This means that the hole through which Shantel’s umbilical cord passed did not close as it should have after the cord was cut, and tissue has pushed through the opening. Shantel needs to have surgery to repair her hernia. If she isn’t treated soon, Shantel could experience life-threatening complications, such as abdominal incarceration, obstruction, or/and strangulation—conditions where parts of the protruding tissue become cut off from blood flow. Shantel’s parents were able to raise $52 for Shantel’s surgery, but that is not enough to cover their child’s surgery. Shantel’s father is a subsistence farmer and supplements his income by doing casual tasks, while her mother stays at home to take care of their two children. $430 will cover Shantel’s hernia repair operation, as well as her lab tests, medications, and two-day hospital stay. Let’s help get Shantel’s young life back on track.

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