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sunny joined Watsi on March 1st, 2016. Three years ago, sunny became the 1881st member to automatically support a new Watsi patient every month. Since then, 3,377 more people have become monthly donors! sunny's most recent donation supported Sue, a woman from Burma, to fund kidney surgery.


sunny has funded healthcare for 31 patients in 10 countries.

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“I want to help other people when I grow up,” says Malyne, a seven-year-old girl from Kenya. Malyne had a happy childhood until August of this year, when she began complaining of headaches. Her parents gave her over-the-counter painkillers, but these did not help much. After several hospital visits failed to resolve the issue, Malyne also began to develop what seemed like symptoms of a mental problem: she would talk to herself and wander for long distances if not looked after. Her right limbs became numb, and her eyesight dwindled. Frightened, Malyne’s parents obtained CT and MRI scans for Malyne. These tests revealed that Malyne has a brain tumor. She urgently needs a surgical procedure known as craniotomy, in which the surgeon will temporarily open her skull to remove the tumor. If not treated, Malyne is at risk of undergoing brain damage, permanent vision loss, or death. Though this operation is essential for Malyne, her parents cannot afford it. Malyne’s mother sells groceries while her father works in road construction. Nearly all of their combined income goes towards the daily needs of their three children, and so they are only able to contribute $51 towards their daughter’s surgery. We need your help to raise an additional $1,500 for Malyne’s operation on December 6, as well as her lab tests and medications. Let’s make sure Malyne has the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong—so she can one day help others, as she hopes to.

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