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Neeraj joined Watsi on July 9th, 2014. Five years ago, Neeraj became the 644th member to automatically support a new Watsi patient every month. Since then, 5,194 more people have become monthly donors! Neeraj's most recent donation traveled 8,500 miles to support Margaret, a university student from Kenya, to fund bone fracture surgery following a vehicle accident.


Neeraj has funded healthcare for 82 patients in 11 countries.

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Witness is a student from Tanzania who is the first born child in a family of four children. She is smart, intelligent, and very hard working girl. Witness has completed her form four education and is currently waiting for her results to be able to join form five and six. She wishes to be a laboratory technician when she completes her studies and be able to support her parents and siblings. Witness’ father used to work as foreman at a construction site but after the project matured he has not been able to get any other job thus he is now forced to seek any casual day jobs to be able to support his family. The mother sells vegetables and the little income she gets she helps her husband to support her family. Witness was diagnosed with right genu varus. Her leg is bowed so that her knees cannot touch. This condition is typically caused by an excessive accumulation of fluoride in the bones, which often stems from contaminated drinking water. As a result, she has difficulty walking. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare, is requesting $838 to fund corrective surgery for Witness. The procedure is scheduled to take place on January 24th. Treatment will hopefully restore Witness's mobility, allow her to participate in a variety of activities, and greatly decrease her risk of future complications. Witness says, “My secondary education has been really challenging for me due to my leg’s condition. If you can help correct my leg I would be able to continue with my further studies with ease without all this challenges I am going through.”

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Katushabe is a peasant farmer from Uganda. Katushabe is a middle-aged woman, a mother of three children from Uganda. She visited our facility with complaints of excessive menstrual bleeding for about three months. Previously, she had been to a different facility where she was transfused secondary to excessive blood loss. However, surgery was advised. Upon review in our facility, Katushabe was diagnosed with menorrhagia second-degree uterine myoma and total abdominal hysterectomy recommended. She currently is not able to work on the farm especially when she starts bleeding. If not treated, Katushabe is at risk of anaemia which might be fatal for her.Katushabe and her husband tend to their small farm to provide for their children. Their children are still in school. They are small scale farmers whose farm output is quite low. With limited income, Katushabe is not able to meet the cost of treatment in our facility. She has been enrolled in the program to fund-raise for her surgery. She hopes to recover soon and go back to her work. About three months ago, Katushabe has been experiencing Excessive bleeding. She has been diagnosed with sub mucosal uterine myoma and menorrhagia. She needs to undergo a hysterectomy, a procedure in which surgeons will remove her uterus. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $208 to fund Katushabe's surgery. On October 10, she will undergo gynecological surgery at our medical partner's care center. Once recovered, Katushabe will be able to resume her daily activities free of pain. Katushabe says, “I pray that I get well so that I go on with cultivation after surgery.”

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