Maureen Frey
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Maureen joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. 1,770 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Maureen's most recent donation traveled 8,700 miles to support Hassan, a boy from Tanzania, to fund clubfoot correction.


Maureen has funded healthcare for 31 patients in 9 countries.

All patients funded by Maureen

“My dream for my little boy is just that he goes to school,” Abner’s mother shares. The oldest of three children, Abner lives with his parents and siblings in Guatemala. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK) tells us, “Abner’s favorite toy is a little plastic blue car.” Abner is acutely malnourished. WK says, “While he is one standard deviation below the average weight for his age, he is over three (standard deviations) below the average height for his age.” “Without intervention Abner’s illness will continue to worsen – his immune system will weaken, he will continue to lose weight and stop growing in height, and his mental development will be compromised," WK shares. Rural parts of Guatemala often lack education and access to healthy food. Due to this, indigenous Guatemalan communities, such as Abner’s, have among the highest rates of pediatric malnutrition worldwide. With $535, Abner will receive 90 days of nutritional therapy. Nutrient-rich food supplements will be gradually introduced to his diet, restoring his nutritional levels. His mother will receive an intensive nutrition education--ensuring she has the knowledge to provide for Abner’s needs in the future. WK says, “This treatment will not only help Abner recoup the height and weight he has lost over the past few months, but allow his mother to obtain the information she needs to prevent malnutrition in her two youngest children. Abner’s immune system will strengthen and he will stop getting ill so frequently.”

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