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Naw Eh is an 11-year-old student who lives with her mother, five brothers and two sisters in a refugee camp. She and her siblings study in the camp while her mother weaves traditional Karen shirts to earn extra income. In her free time, Naw Eh loves to play with her younger brother at home. Sometimes, she also plays with her friends close to her house. She wants to be an English teacher at a primary school when she grows up. In late July 2021, Naw Eh went out to buy some snacks. On the way, she slipped and fell on the muddy road and injured her left leg. Since she was able to walk slowly, the medic in the camp did not think her leg was broken and prescribed pain medication. Then, on August 19th, Naw Eh lost her grip when she was sitting down and fell. This time she could not stand up or walk. After a doctor at a local hospital diagnosed her with a fractured femur, she was referred to another hospital for further treatment. The doctor there told Naw Eh's brother that they would like to do an MRI of her leg to check for underlying conditions that may have caused her to femur to break so easily. This scan will hopefully help doctors diagnose her condition and formulate an appropriate treatment plan so she can have a healthy future ahead. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $814 to cover the cost of Naw Eh's MRI, scheduled for August 23rd. Naw Eh shared, "I'm afraid that my treatment will cause me more pain, but if it helps me recover so that I can walk again, then it's okay."

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