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Stenchy is a two-year old child from Haiti. He has one brother and two sisters. Stenchy has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid--the fluid which surrounds the brain–accumulates in the brain, increasing intracranial pressure. This accumulation of excess fluid has caused Stenchy’s head to expand beyond a healthy range. The hydrocephalus causes Stenchy to feel very sleepy and not act like his usual self, which is worrying to his family. Stenchy was brought to the hospital in a very weakened condition. A temporary tube was placed in his head on an emergency basis to drain the excess fluid. His condition has stabilized and now a permanent shunt--a flexible plastic tube--can be placed in his head to redirect the cerebrospinal fluid into another part of his body. The shunt typically isn’t ever removed, and regular checkups are important to make sure it’s working. Without treatment, Stenchy will experience severe physical and developmental delays. Our medical partner, Project Medishare, is requesting $957 to cover the cost of surgery for Stenchy at Hospital Bernard Mevs to treat his hydrocephalus. This is the only site in Haiti where this care is currently available, and the procedure is scheduled to take place on October 19th. This treatment will greatly improve his quality of life and Stenchy will hopefully develop into a strong, healthy young boy. His family is very concerned about him and will be relieved when he returns to his normal behavior and can leave the hospital to be back at home.

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