Pranav Piyush
Pranav's Story

Pranav joined Watsi on March 22nd, 2015. 10 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Pranav's most recent donation traveled 1,500 miles to support Dany, a 10-month-old baby from Guatemala, to treat his acute malnutrition.


Pranav has funded healthcare for 16 patients in 8 countries.

Patients funded by Pranav

"I want to have what's necessary to provide a good diet to Dany, so he will grow like he should for his age," shares the mother of 10-month-old Dany. Dany lives with his four siblings and his parents in a small home in a rural community in the Guatemalan highlands. Dany's family is very humble and lacks the resources to buy much more than corn tortillas to eat. His mother takes care of the children, cooks, and cleans, and weaves traditional Mayan blouses, which she sells. His father looks for firewood in the mountains, and then makes charcoal to sell. Although Dany is malnourished, he is a very smiley child, and loves to play with teddy bears with his sister. His favorite food is beans, although his family rarely has the resources to give them to him. Dany is having a hard time growing, and now has acute malnutrition because his family is unable to give him the diet he needs to be healthy. For this reason, Dany is far too small for his age and his immune system has weakened from the lack of protein, calories, and nutrients. Since Dany's immune defenses are compromised, getting sick with a cough, diarrhea, or fever could be life-threatening. In the long term, he could face stunted neurodevelopment, low IQ, and increased risk of chronic diseases if his malnutrition is not treated. Although Dany is very sick, treatment for his malnutrition is simple. For $512, his parents will receive in-home nutrition classes to teach them about what diet Dany needs to be healthy. He will be a part of Wuqu' Kawoq's growth monitoring program and will receive food supplements and micronutrients to improve his diet. This treatment will give Dany the chance to be a healthy baby, helping him grow, strengthen his immune system, and helping him avoid life-threatening seizures and diarrhea.

Fully funded

Meet Maria, an 18-year-old young woman from Tanzania. According to our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), Maria is the second oldest in a family of four. A few years ago, Maria was involved in an accident that left her with a burn contracture on her right wrist and fingers--a condition that results after a burn heals. Contractures cause the skin to tighten, preventing movement. AMHF shares, “it is a norm in [her] family that each child learns how to cook and every evening one of the children will have a duty to prepare dinner. [The night of the accident] was Maria’s brother’s turn to cook, but he was running late.” To help her brother, Maria decided to start the fire for him. As AMHF explains, “it is something which she had done many times, but that day her long sleeve blouse accidentally caught fire and the material stuck to her skin.” A neighbor heard her cries for help and rushed her to the hospital. After several months, the large wound healed, but left Maria with a contracture that limits her from using her right hand. Due to this injury, schooling has become a challenge. Maria’s parents--both small-scale farmers--produce a modest income and are unable to support the costs of her treatment. With $550, Maria will receive surgery to treat the contracture on her right wrist and fingers. To help her hand heal normally, Maria will also receive corrective splints. Maria will spend six weeks at Plaster House--a surgical rehabilitation program that specializes in helping children recover from complex operations. While there, Maria will receive intensive physiotherapy sessions. With surgery and physiotherapy, Maria will regain use of her hand. Maria tells AMHF, “if I can move just two of my fingers, I would like to learn how to tailor clothes and start my own tailoring business.”

Fully funded

Meet Alvin, a one-year-old little boy from Kenya, with a left undescended testis. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), shares, “Alvin lives with his parents in a two-room house. Alvin’s father serves as church minister near their home while his mother, who is a trained teacher, stays at home to look after Alvin. She has been seeking employment to supplement her husband’s income, but has not been successful. Alvin's father earns very little from his pastoral role and they are unable to raise funds for Alvin’s surgical care.” AMHF describes Alvin’s condition as “absence of the left testicle in the scrotal sac. Alvin’s left testicle did not drop into the scrotal as it is expected in baby boys soon after birth.” An undescended testis puts Alvin at a higher risk for testicular cancer, hernia, and infertility. Thus it is critical that he undergo treatment. For $540, an incision will be made and Alvin’s left testis will be surgically lowered into the scrotum alongside its right counterpart. This will radically lower any health risks and allow Alvin to grow up more normally and comfortably. AMHF tells us, “[Alvin] started taking his first steps recently, and spends time standing and holding on to furniture and anything else that can support him.” His mother adds, “It has been hard living on the little my husband earns. I am hoping to get work soon so that I can help with the house expenses. I pray that little Alvin gets treatment and grows up to be like other boys.”

Fully funded