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LaughingBubba joined Watsi on November 6th, 2015. Seven years ago, LaughingBubba joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. LaughingBubba's most recent donation traveled 7,000 miles to support Eunice, a mother from Uganda, to fund a safe delivery.

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LaughingBubba has funded healthcare for 16 patients in 9 countries.

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Marvin is just under one year old, and the youngest of three children. He lives with his siblings in a one-room cinderblock house with a tin roof in Guatemala. He loves to play with his ball, his toy cars, and his small toy motorcycle. His father works as a bricklayer and his mother works at home taking care of him and his siblings--most days they live on only a couple dollars, unable to buy even one fruit, vegetable, or egg per day for Marvin. Marvin has not been growing taller or gaining weight because he is malnourished. His body has not been receiving the nutrients and energy it needs to grow, not only leaving him very small for his age, but also weakening his immune system. In the past two weeks alone, he has suffered from diarrhea, a fever, and a bad cough--leaving him without an appetite and without the energy to play. In the long term, he could face a low IQ and chronic diseases if he does not receive treatment. Although Marvin is very sick, treatment is simple. His parents will receive in-home nutrition classes to teach them about what diet Marvin needs to be healthy. He will be a part of our growth monitoring program, ensuring he is responding well to treatment, and will receive food supplements and micronutrients to improve his diet and give him the energy he needs to play and grow. This treatment will give Marvin the chance to be a healthy baby, helping him grow, strengthening his immune system, and putting him on track to live a healthy and full life and escape the cycle of poverty and malnutrition he is currently caught in.

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Simon is a shy, three-year-old boy from Kenya who never lets his mother out of sight. Simon was born with a cleft lip and spina bifida. At six months, Simon underwent spina bifida repair and a cleft lip repair. Weeks later, Simon’s head had increased in size and he had a shunt insertion to drain the excess fluid in his brain. However, he now requires a shunt revision surgery to ensure the continued function of the shunt. Due to his condition, Simon has had delayed milestones and he cannot do some of the tasks children his age can, such as walking. Recently, Simon has been experiencing headaches and is also irritable. Simon is experiencing the headaches due to the increased intra-cranial pressure from the extra fluid in the brain. If not treated, he is at risk of brain damage, blindness and even death. Simon, the last born in a family of five children, is now back to hospital requiring a shunt revision. Simon was lucky enough to get funding for the previous surgeries he underwent. Unfortunately, his parents are not yet financially stable to cater for this other surgery that Simon requires. They make a menial income from the sale of second hand clothes and this income is also used to support the larger family. Simon's family lives in a two roomed house in the Coastal region of Kenya. After a shunt revision, Simon will be relieved from the excessive intra-cranial pressure in his brain. This will reduce the chances of brain damage, blindness or even death. The total surgery cost is $600. “I hope Simon gets relief from the pain he is in," his mother shared. "We will appreciate any help towards his treatment."

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“Lencer is a young child with a long medical history,” reports our medical partner in Kenya, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). When he was nine months old, he fell sick with meningitis; he has contracted pneumonia six times since his birth; and now, at three years old, Lencer has contracted tuberculosis. “Lencer has battled his previous medical complications with zeal,” AMHF tells us. However, fighting these near-constant illnesses “has drained his family’s income,” leaving them unprepared to cope financially with the most recent medical problem that has beset Lencer: severe hearing loss in both ears. Lencer’s hearing problems are sensorineural, meaning they originate in his inner ear, and could have been caused by a variety of factors, from disease to head trauma. According to AMHF, “if not assisted with the hearing aids, Lencer may not be able to communicate effectively”—a deficiency that could have profound implications for the child’s social life, language learning, academic abilities, and career. $920 will purchase two hearing aids—one for each of Lencer’s ears. With these devices in place, “Lencer will be able to use speech and hearing for communication,” AMHF tells us. “I feel emotionally weak that my child has to pass through all these medical complications,” shares Lencer’s father. “My only wish is to have God heal him and for him to grow as a healthy child.” Let’s help make that wish a reality for this family.

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