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Y joined Watsi on January 4th, 2015. 40 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Y's most recent donation supported Zar Zar, a farmer from Burma, for complex cardiac surgery.


Y has funded healthcare for 10 patients in 5 countries.

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“I want to see her comfortable and happy playing with other children, and to live a normal life,” says the mother of this beautiful seven-year-old Agnes. Agnes and her mother live in Tanzania, where Agnes is a first grade student. She likes school, especially reading and math. She loves to sing and draw as well. When Agnes was a baby, she had her first surgery to treat the anorectal malformation she has had since birth. Agnes is unable to pass stool normally, which results in unhygienic conditions and high risk of infection. Five years after her first surgery, Agnes’ father ran away and left Agnes with her mother. He said he could not stand all the hospital visits, and was troubled by the stigma attached to his daughter’s condition. Agnes’ mother now supports the family on her own by renting a small space and running a hair salon where she braids hair; however, the income earned is not enough to cover surgery needed for Agnes to thrive. “If not treated, Agnes will be uncomfortable, prone to infections and her social life will be affected,” explain our partners at African Mission Healthcare Foundation. “After surgery, the incontinence problem will be resolved, restoring Agnes’ self-confidence. Agnes will also no longer be at such high risk of infection, allowing her to smoothly continue with her education.” For $1,500, we can fund the three-stage surgery and recovery to help Agnes attend school free from risk of infection and social stigma. Let’s help Agnes continue to spend time learning, while her mother’s dream of seeing her daughter comfortable and happy comes true!

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