Immad's Story

Immad joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. Seven years ago, Immad joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Immad's most recent donation traveled 1,500 miles to support Yonathan, a nine-month-old baby from Guatemala, for life-saving malnutrition treatment.


Immad has funded healthcare for 13 patients in 8 countries.

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Nine-month-old Yonathan has been losing weight and not growing taller for the past couple of months. This is because he is malnourished, and is not getting the calories, protein, and nutrients he needs to grow. His mother is worried that he is not growing, and has noticed that his appetite has decreased. His energy level has been lower than normal, and he hasn't wanted to play as much as he used to. In the long term, he could face risks such as decreased IQ, chronic diseases, and subsequent low earning potential if he does not receive treatment. Yonathan lives with his family in a one-room adobe house in Guatemala. If this story sounds familiar it is because Yonathan's twin brother, Kenneth, is also a Watsi patient dealing with malnutrition. His father works as a day laborer, harvesting crops such as corn, beans, and squash. His mother works at home taking care of Yonathan and his brother. Together they live on about two dollars per day, making it impossible to afford fruits, vegetables, and eggs for Yonathan and Kenneth. However, for $512 treatment will be possible for Yonathan. Growth monitoring, micronutrients and food supplementation will help Yonathan recover from malnutrition--saving his life now and putting him on track to live a better life in the future. He will gain weight and grow taller to catch up with other children his age. His immune system will grow stronger with the increased caloric intake, preventing him from having any life-threatening situations with diarrhea and fevers. This will further increase his appetite and help him use the extra calories to develop mentally instead of those calories being wasted on getting over frequent illnesses. His parents will receive the support they need to feel empowered to give Yonathan the diet he needs to grow and develop healthily. Intervention now will prevent the future devastating effects of malnutrition, and give Yonathan the chance to live a healthy and productive life, finish school, get a good job, and escape the cycle of malnutrition and poverty that made him sick in the first place. "I am worried because my son is not eating like he should," explains Yonathan's mother. "I am interested to know what I have to give him to improve his diet."

Fully funded

Joshua lives in the Philippines with his family. The family lives in a crowded area wherein they have many neighbors. But despite their living condition, they have harmonious relationship with each other and the people in their community. Joshua currently lives with an anorectal malformation. He experiences discrimination among his friends, classmates, and peers because of his condition. His teacher often sends him home whenever he does not bring an extra plastic bag for his colostomy. Whenever he eats fruits like pineapple, he suffers from stomach pain. When he exerts effort like playing vigorously or lifting heavy objects, his colostomy site becomes tender and bleeds. He thus has problems concentrating in school, and his studies and social interactions are very much affected. Joshua's family is also very concerned with Joshua's problem. Joshua sometimes roams around the market with his bike and collects bottles and scrap iron to be sold in junk shops to help his parents in their finances. His father is working at a fruit company and is the only provider of the family. For $965, Joshua can receive the colostomy closure he needs to recover from his condition. "I just want to see my child live normally just like other children," his mother said. "We as a family desires so much that Joshua will be treated but we really can't afford his treatment. As the matter of fact, we are struggling to provide our daily needs. We are hoping and praying that somebody would help us to provide for his surgery."

Fully funded

Joshua is an eight-month-old baby boy who lives with his parents and older brother in Guatemala. His older brother loves playing with Joshua whenever he can. Our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), tells us, “Joshua was born with Noonan syndrome, which is a congenital disorder that can lead to a plethora of physical and mental defects, including various heart murmurs, restrictive lung function, gastrointestinal issues and difficulty feeding, motor delays, learning disabilities, cryptorchidism, bleeding disorders, severe joint and skeletal pain, and neurological defects.” “Joshua has obvious physical deformations and cryptorchidism (an undescended testicle), but overall, he is a happy, calm child,” WK continues. “He currently has issues eating and could benefit from supplementation, as well as from physical therapies to help his muscular development.” Joshua’s father works as a grain trader to support the family, while his mother tends to the household. Joshua’s brother has a condition that required surgery by specialist, leaving very little money to pay for Joshua’s care. For $1,385, Joshua can undergo a thorough diagnostic work-up, which, WK explains, will “identify other potentially dangerous conditions Joshua may have, and allow us to coordinate critical care before it is too late.” Funding also covers the cost of treatment, therapy, and a case manager to help Joshua’s family manage his appointments and monitor his progress. “Therapy will help him to develop strength and be able to move more easily,” says WK. “This will increase his quality of life as he grows and ensure he can have the best future possible.” “We just want what is best for our boys,” shares Joshua’s father.

Fully funded