Antony Lee
Antony's Story

Antony joined Watsi on May 7th, 2015. 19 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Antony's most recent donation traveled 5,300 miles to support Brandon, a baby from Kenya, to fund hernia repair surgery.


Antony has funded healthcare for 73 patients in 11 countries.

Patients funded by Antony

Meet Damaris, a newborn baby girl from Kenya. Damaris suffers form a condition called hydrocephalus - a condition that is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the head exerting excessive pressure on the brain. Damaris’ mother had four children when she was expecting her. She knew she would probably deliver Damaris at home, all on her own, since they lived in a one-room house in a very remote area in Kenya. The nearest hospital was quite far and the roads that would take them there were terrible. She had similar experiences with her four other children and it was also common for other women in her community to give birth at home. The time came for Damaris to be born, but something was wrong. She experienced prolonged labor and the pain was unbearable, even for child birth. Damaris’ mother sought help and her neighbors rushed to assist to take her to the nearest hospital. Baby Damaris was born on the way to the hospital and was admitted immediately upon arrival. She had an abnormally sized head and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Damaris’ mother was advised that Damaris needed specialized treatment to treat her condition and referred her to Bethany Kids Children’s Center at Kijabe Hospital, a Watsi partner. Damaris required a shunt to be surgically inserted into her head to drain the extra cerebral spinal fluid. Unfortunately, they lack the funds to pay for Damaris’ surgery. Damaris’ mother sells firewood for a living and Damaris’ father is unable to work due to mental illness. The responsibility of being the sole breadwinner of a family of 5 children and the additional burden of caring for a sick child hasn’t dampened the spirit of Damaris’ mother, and she continues to hope that they will receive help. “Life is sincerely hard and no matter what I did I would not raise any amount close to what is required," Damaris' mother shared. "Nothing I own can amount to the required funds. Please help my daughter get this treatment."

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