Michael Bogart
Michael's Story

Michael joined Watsi on August 6th, 2014. 8 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Michael's most recent donation traveled 8,300 miles to support Chit Sandar, a child from Burma, to fund hydrocephalus treatment.


Michael has funded healthcare for 13 patients in 6 countries.

Patients funded by Michael

Jose is the only child in his family from Guatemala. They live in a rented one-room adobe house with a tin roof. His mother stays at home to take care of Jose, since he has special needs and needs to take medications at certain times to control his seizures. His father works as a day laborer, making about three dollars per day--far too little to afford the nutritional therapy that Jose needs to survive. Jose has had several health problems in his short life. He previously received treatment for his seizures and developmental delays, but recently he has had trouble gaining weight and growing like he should. One year ago, he had to be hospitalized for his malnutrition, but after a month he recovered. However, one month ago, he had surgery to drain fluid from his brain (he also suffers from hydrocefalia), and after that he was in the hospital and suffering from nausea and vomiting. He lost quite a bit of weight, and now he has lost his appetite. He now has severe acute malnutrition, a life-threatening condition that requires immediate treatment. Our community health worker provided him with a preliminary treatment until he can have a consult with our nutritionist, who will design a personalized diet to help him grow healthy and strong. Biweekly growth monitoring, micronutrient and food supplementation, and deworming medication will help Jose recover from malnutrition. He will gain weight and grow taller to catch up with other children his age. His immune system will grow stronger with the increased caloric intake. This will further increase his appetite and help him use the extra calories to gain motor skills and learn new words instead of those calories being wasted on getting over frequent illnesses. His mother will receive the support she need to feel empowered to give Jose the diet he needs to grow and develop healthily, even with limited resources. Intervention now will save Jose's life and give him the chance to live a healthy and productive life and escape the cycle of malnutrition and poverty that made him sick in the first place.

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