Kaye and Mark Rowlinson
Kaye's Story

Kaye joined Watsi on September 5th, 2013. 9 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Kaye's most recent donation supported Augostino, a sweet and playful boy from Kenya, to fund surgery to heal his burns.


Kaye has funded healthcare for 394 patients in 14 countries.

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Maria is a 70-year-old farmer. She shared that she lost her husband in 1999 and is the mother of six children who she has worked hard to raise well. She has three daughters and three sons, all married and small-scale farmers. Maria was not able to attend school when she was young because she was a refugee from Congo. Her family was always on the move, so she never had the opportunity to attend school. She's earned a living from farming and grows food crops like sorghum, maize, and rice. She has limited land, but when she has a small surplus, she is able to sell the crops to generate income for her family. Maria is a religious, jolly, and happy person and is proud to serve as a leader of the Holy Mary community in her village. She shared that praying the rosary is her passion. Two years back, Maria started feeling her uterus drop. It wasn’t painful, which never made her seek medical treatment, but recently, the pain became worse, accompanied by backaches, abdominal pain, and other symptoms. She first went to Kambuga hospital, where she was examined, diagnosed, and recommended for surgical treatment. However, she never managed to undergo her surgery due to limited finances. After sharing how she feels with a friend, she learned of our medical partner's surgical support program at Nyakibale Hospital, and this gave her a breath of hope that she could be supported. She traveled there and after examination, she was diagnosed with uterine prolapse. The doctors have recommended a total hysterectomy treatment to heal her condition. However, her income is too limited to enable her to afford the cost of her surgery and she appeals for support. Maria says, "I believe that the Lord will again do for me as he has always been for me. I hope to get much better once operated and continue with farming to sustain my family. "

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Ann is a 45-year-old woman from a remote area in Kiambu County of Kenya. She is married and they have four children. Ann takes care of their house and children without a source of income and her husband works as a driver. What he earns is just enough to cater to their family needs and children's education. Transportation is a great challenge where they live. To come to the hospital today, Ann left her house at 4 a.m. to make it to Nazareth Hospital by the morning time. Since the age of four, Ann started having on-and-off bouts of tonsillitis. Two of her children, as well as other family members, have already undergone tonsillectomy, but she has not yet managed to be healed. Over the past year, she has been repeatedly needing to go to the hospital and has had many injections. She has been experiencing neck pain, swollen and infected tonsils, headaches, and earaches. The ENT surgeon has advised her to have her tonsils removed. Ann’s husband has coverage under a national health insurance plan, but her surgery was not approved for support. Our Medical Partner African Mission Healthcare is now helping to raise $565 to cover her treatment. "Our insurance is currently having issues, but I can’t wait to have the tonsils removed. They have disrupted my normal life and the injections are too many and even more painful than the tonsils. I am pleading for support so that I can get over this problem, to regain my normal life, and take care of my family," said Ann.

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