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Adam McIntyre

United Kingdom

Adam's Story

Adam joined Watsi on March 29th, 2015. 8 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Adam's most recent donation traveled 6,200 miles to support Yith, a grandmother from Cambodia, for vision-restoring cataract surgery.


Adam has funded healthcare for 13 patients in 6 countries.

All patients funded by Adam


Charles is an 11-year-old student in Haiti living with a congenital heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). This means Charles has a hole between the two chambers of his heart, and a muscular blockage of one of the heart's valves. As a result, Charles's heart cannot deliver enough oxygen to his body, making him sickly and weak. TOF carries a 35% mortality rate in the first year of life, and a 50% mortality rate in the first three years of life. It can also cause delayed growth and development later in life. Charles lives with his parents, younger brother, cousins and their family. He is in fourth grade, but his illness caused him to stop school late last year. He likes math and science, and would like to be an engineer or architect when he grows up. Charles needs surgical intervention to repair his heart. The goal is to repair the defects, including enlarging the blocked heart valve and patching the hole to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to his lungs. Our medical partner, Haiti Cardiac Alliance, works to maintain a network of overseas referral hospitals in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere that are capable of accepting cases too complex to be attempted in-country. They organize not only the cost of the surgery, but also host family stay, airline fees, food, and travel insurance for the patient and parents for the duration of the medical care. Through Haiti Cardiac Alliance, $5,000 of the total cost has been subsidized by the Health City Cayman Islands, a medically advanced tertiary hospital located in Grand Cayman. Haiti Cardiac Alliance tells us that Charles’ family needs an additional $1,500 to cover the costs. Following surgery, normal blood flow should be restored to Charles's heart and he should not have any further cardiac symptoms. "I am excited to have this surgery so that I can go back to school and play with my friends again,” says Charles.

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“I love working on the farm with my husband,” Jane says. “I am also taking care of our oldest son and I need to be in good health to ensure that I can support him as he goes through recovery.” This is Jane, a married mother of five from Kenya. Jane’s husband was a driver for a company but has stopped working due to vision problems related to his diabetes. He now helps Jane on their farm where they have planted beans and vegetables. Their eldest son is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and requires a great deal of their attention and care. One daughter works as a nurse and the other three children work odd jobs to support themselves. “Jane has been experiencing abdominal pain for more than two months,” her doctor at African Mission Healthcare Foundation tells us. “She is also experiencing sporadic bleeding and spotting after attending any call of nature. Jane has not been able to work in her farm for the past few months. If not treated soon, the bleeding could lead to development of anemia. The hernia could result incarceration of the intestine and this would further complicate her treatment.” A total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) and hernia repair are necessary to treat Jane’s uterine fibroids and umbilical hernia. However, Jane and her family have not been able to raise the money for her treatment. For $800, we can make sure Jane has access to the care she needs. “We expect that after the surgery and recovery, Jane will be able to once again join her husband to work on their farm," AMHF adds..

100% funded

Fully funded