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Patients at Nkhoma Hospital

76-year-old Moyenda hails from a village in Lilongwe District. He has 12 children of whom 3 are in school and the rest are married in their respective homes. Moyenda had to leave primary school when he was young, therefore he could not secure a good job and support his family. He depends on farming where he grows maize for consumption and sweet potatoes for commercial purposes. For one year, Moyenda has been experiencing a painful swelling in a sensitive area. The swelling disappears after a while, and it is accompanied by abdominal pain and vomiting. He has been visiting different health centers where he was given drugs to no avail until he was advised to visit Nkhoma Hospital for further assessment. Moyenda was diagnosed with a left inguinal hernia, and he was scheduled to undergo hernia repair surgery. However, he cannot afford the cost although he wishes to undergo surgery. This condition has had a negative impact on Moyenda’s life as he feels abdominal pain when the swelling appears, and he cannot do his farming activities. If the condition is left untreated, it may lead to strangulation which can be life-threatening. Treatment will relieve him of the pain and he will be able to focus on his farm without any hindrances from the condition. Moyenda is scheduled for hernia repair surgery February 13th. Our medical partner African Mission Healthcare is requesting $500 to fund surgery, medications, and medical care. Moyenda says, “I would love to be free of this condition for good.”

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58-year-old Natchokani is a widow from a village in Dedza District in Malawi. With seven children, six of whom have passed away, she now lives with her youngest child, who is 7 years old and attending primary school. Natchokani never had the opportunity to attend school, making it challenging for her to find employment. Consequently, she relies on farming to sustain herself and her son, growing maize, beans, and groundnuts for both sustenance and income. Twenty years ago, Natchokani noticed an itch and an uncomfortable feeling in her throat whenever she was eating. Shortly after, people in her vicinity informed her of a swelling on her neck, which she eventually noticed herself. The swelling has been increasing in size over the years but she never went to seek medical help in health centers as she did not have finances to pay for treatment. Instead, she tried traditional medicine to no avail. Natchokani has continued to experience severe headaches and pain in her upper back. She struggles to swallow and sometimes has shortness of breath when she is lying down. She is unable to carry a heavy load on her head, therefore making it difficult for her to carry out household chores such as fetching water, and firewood and going to the maize mill. One day while she was visiting a patient at our medical partner's care center Nkhoma Hospital, she was seen by a surgeon who later diagnosed her with a multinodular mass, and thyroidectomy was recommended. Our medical partner African Mission Healthcare is requesting $491 to fund Natchokani's thyroid surgery scheduled for March 7th. Following the surgery, her symptoms will be alleviated, allowing her to breathe more easily and engage in her daily tasks without discomfort. Natchokani says, “I hope to receive treatment and resume life without this condition so that I can take care of my only son.”

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