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Caroline is in seventh grade in a public primary school. She is the second born in the family of four siblings. Her firstborn and the thirdborn brothers dropped out of school due to the financial problems and her last born brother is in the fifth grade. Caroline’s parents separated five years ago when her father developed a mental illness. As a result, her mother went to rent a single room where they are all living. Caroline’s mother is a casual laborer; she farms for others so that she is able to support her children. They feel they don’t have a place to call home, however, they live in a rented room. A good samaritan has given them a small piece of land where they plant maize and beans for their family to eat. Caroline presented the hospital with a big toe fracture. She sustained this after a building stone fall on her toe, as she was hiding herself during a heavy rain. She received an initial debridement and fixation for her toe about 1 week ago and her family has not been able to raise the bill for that treatment. This week, she developed wound problems that need new surgery. This wound has made her toe develop non-viable tissues. The hospital management decided to waive the family's previous bill and are hopeful that Caroline can benefit from Watsi's support for her second procedure before going home. If this condition is not treated, there will be worsening of non-viable tissues and possibly the development of deep infection. Caroline shared: "I will really be thankful if I get support so that I can go back to school once the COVID lockdown is over."

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