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We're extremely grateful to have so many people traveling long distances to celebrate our wedding with us. Time with you is gift enough — and we don't want you to feel that any additional gift is expected or necessary.

For those who can't contain their enthusiasm — and in lieu of a traditional wedding registry — we invite you to join us in giving other families a reason to celebrate: let's fund life-changing healthcare for people in need around the world.

This team is a place where you can join us and our wedding community in celebrating health and happiness together. To get started, click “Join team,” then create an account and select a new patient to fund.

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Twongirwe is a 37-year-old single mother to four. She says she separated with her husband who was an alcoholic and not healthy for their family. Twongirwe decided to go back to her parental home with her children. There she earns a living from small-scale farming where she grows food crops to feed her family and children and often sells off the surplus to generate an income. She sometimes works on other peoples farms in case she needs money and to help fund school fees for her children. Twongirwe arrived at the hospital with pain around her inguinal region associated with generalized body weakness and moderate bleeding for three years now. She also has severe backaches. This has affected her work performance since she no longer attends to her farm as her pain worsens when she is cultivating yet farming is her only source of income. Twongirwe went to a local health centre for treatment where she was examined by the doctor who told her that she may have a cyst and referred her to Watsi Medical Partner's Care Center Nyakibale Hospital for further care. There Twongirwe was examined by the doctor who recommended she receive an obstetric scan, which confirmed her cyst diagnosis. The medical team feels she will benefit from a cystectomy treatment for the good and betterment of her health. Twongirwe said: “I expect to get healed from my condition, have a normal health, a new life, and continue hustling to see that my children may grow well and have a brighter future.”

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Jimmy is the first born of two children and lives in Makadara rehabilitation center. Jimmy was brought to Watsi's Partner CURE Hospital by Elijah, a social worker at Makadara Rehab Center. The rehab center supports street children and their families. They rescue, rehabilitate, and cater for the basic needs and facilitate placement either in regular schools or special schools or rehabilitation homes. Jimmy was a street child and was rescued in January 2018. He had fled home in Kayole, Soweto slum where his single mother lives in a difficult state. Fortunately, he was rescued and enrolled in school. He recently finished his class 8 final exam and scored good grades that will enable him to join a national high school. Jimmy joined the street family in 2016. He fell in 2017 and injured his elbow so that to this day he cannot stretch out. He has lived like that since then and complains of pain and discomfort. Jimmy is afraid that his education might be affected and his aspiration of becoming an engineer might come to an end. Jimmy is scheduled to undergo right elbow interposition arthroplasty to realign the bones so that he can be able to stretch his hand and use it fully. On behalf of the Makadara Rehab Center, Elijah, a social worker requested for support because they have so many children who need different care and attention and they cannot meet the cost of this treatment. “I request for support to undergo surgery so that I can play basketball and even do other things like washing and writing which I am currently not able to,” Jimmy told us.

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