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Janaki is a 14-year-old girl from Nepal with a hearing condition called chronic suppurative otitis media. She has suffered from this condition since she was two and a half years old. She cannot hear unless someone speaks very close to her ear. Without treatment, Janaki’s condition will likely get worse.

Janaki lives with her parents and her three older brothers. She loves school but has struggled to keep up because she can’t hear what her teachers are saying. She finally quit her studies last month because of her condition. Janaki stays home most days to help with household chores because her friends make fun of her. She likes to study every subject and told her doctors that she will go back to school if she can get her hearing problem fixed.

Fortunately, Janaki’s doctors identified her as a good candidate for a mastiodectomy. They tell us that this procedure will prevent any futher complications of her condition and improve her hearing enough for her to continue her education.

Let’s make it happen for her!

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