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Jorge is a delightful 6-year-old boy who was brought to the Wuqu’ Kawoq clinic by his parents because he has never talked. The doctors at WK diagnosed him with severe sensorineural hearing loss. If left untreated, Jorge’s condition will prevent him from hearing anything except for loud noises and will continue to impede the development of his language abilities. Luckily, Jorge’s hearing loss can be easily treated with hearing aids and therapy.

Jorge has three brothers and sisters. His mother and father are very supportive but do not have the financial resources to get him medical help. We need to cover the cost of fitting Jorge with hearing aids and giving him speech therapy to help him develop some language ability. He’ll also begin learning to sign, which will allow him to interact in a more meaningful way with his family and friends and enable him to go to school.

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Jorge was submitted by Wuqu’ Kawoq in Guatemala. Learn more

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