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Radha has a hole in her heart. She was first diagnosed with this condition, known as an atrial septal defect, about nine years ago. At first, she experienced mild symptoms, including shortness of breath and pain while walking. Since then, her symptoms have drastically worsened, and she is now unable to walk even a few steps.

Radha was married when she was 16 and has four children. Her husband works in India as a watchman, but he doesn’t earn enough to support their four children. Radha used to work as a mason to help provide for her family and ensure all her kids have the opportunity to go to school, and she is extremely proud that her eldest son finished high school.

Radha was recently forced to quit her job, because she can no longer walk. She is responsible for her four children, and she is very worried about what will happen to them if she doesn’t get better. Doctors in Nepal believe that this surgery will alleviate her symptoms and enable her to continue caring for her family. Let’s make it happen!

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