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Mwesiga is a farmer from Uganda who needs $139 to fund testicular surgery.

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March 9, 2020

Mwesiga is a farmer from Uganda. He is a married father to six children, three boys and three girls all married and self-employed as small-scale farmers. He earns a living through practicing small-scale farming and so does his wife.

Since three years ago, Mwesiga has had a hydrocele, which is a swelling in a sensitive area. This hydrocele causes him lower abdominal pain and this is affecting his ability to work on his farm. Fortunately, on March 10th, he will undergo hydrocele repair surgery at our medical partner’s care center.

Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $139 to fund Mwesiga’s surgery. Once completed, this procedure will hopefully allow him to live more comfortably and confidently.

Mwesiga says, “I hope to get well after my surgery so as to regain my strength and continue with cultivation.”

Mwesiga is a farmer from Uganda. He is a married father to six children, three boys and three girls all married and self-employed as small-s...

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Mwesiga's Timeline

  • March 9, 2020

    Mwesiga was submitted by Joan Kadagaya, Curative Medical Support Program-Partner Representative at African Mission Healthcare, our medical partner in Uganda.

  • March 09, 2020

    Mwesiga's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • March 10, 2020

    Mwesiga received treatment at Karoli Lwanga Hospital, Nyakibale. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.

  • April 27, 2020

    Awaiting Mwesiga's treatment update from African Mission Healthcare.


    Mwesiga is currently raising funds for his treatment.

Funded by 1 donor

Funded by 1 donor

Hydrocele Repair
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Thaung is a 57-year-old man who lives with his relatives in a village in Burma. He has two daughters and two sons from his previous marriage. He works as an agricultural day laborer earning around 17,500 kyat (approx 17.50 USD) in a month. This income is not enough to cover his daily needs nor pay for basic health care. One of his daughters, who works as a day laborer in the market, supports him partially. However, she is not able to give him a lot of money as she needs to support her own family as well. In June 2020, Thaung was working in the field. While working, his sandal slipped off and he stepped on a stick which cut the sole of his right foot. He treated the cut with traditional medicine but over time his right foot became swollen and painful. He also developed a fever and chills. He then went to a nearby clinic for treatment but he did not feel better. His friends then suggested that he seek treatment at Mawlamyine Christine Leprosy Hospital (MCLH). When Thaung arrived at MCLH, the doctor assessed his right foot and saw that the wound had now become infected and swollen. The wound also emitted a foul smell. The doctor diagnosed him with an ulcer as well as diabetes, and said he needed to receive surgery. When his daughter agreed to borrow money to pay for it, Thaung underwent a wound debridement surgery. Following the operation, he had the dressing on his wound changed daily. However, later on the doctor told him that he hand to undergo surgery for a second time. When Thaung told the doctor neither he nor his daughter could afford to pay for his second surgery, the doctor referred him to MCLH's partner organization, Burma Children Medical Fund, for assistance accessing the surgery. Currently the ulcer on Thaung's right sole is not healing well. He is also worried about borrowing any more money because he cannot earn enough to pay back a loan. Fortunately our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, can help. Now, they are asking for your help to fund Thuang's $694 medical treatment.

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Meet another patient you can support

100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.