International Cardiac Alliance is an international nonprofit dedicated to making life-saving heart surgery available to children who need it. ICA began in 2013 as Haiti Cardiac Alliance, an organization dedicated to supporting children, young adults, and their families through the complicated process of accessing life-saving heart surgery. By forming strong partnerships around the world and building medical, social-work, and logistical capacity in Haiti, they have made it possible for hundreds of Haitians to access the world-class cardiac care they deserve. While programs focus on reaching all children in need in Haiti, ICA is currently expanding into new countries in the region, including Bolivia.

By screening and diagnosing children with cardiac symptoms, adding patients who need surgery to a national waiting list, and coordinating their care with hospital partners in the Caribbean, South America, United States, and Canada, ICA is ensuring children with curable heart disease receive the treatment they deserve.

Patients at International Cardiac Alliance