David's Story

David joined Watsi on April 7th, 2014. Nine years ago, David joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. David's most recent donation traveled 8,700 miles to support Korduni Taraine, a young boy from Tanzania, to treat the burn scars on his foot.


David has funded healthcare for 11 patients in 5 countries.

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Meet Korduni, a four-year-old boy living in Tanzania. Korduni is a quiet boy who likes to sit aside and watch the other children play. Ever since he was involved in a fire accident while playing with his friends, "Korduni has been afraid of playing because he thinks that the same thing will happen again," explains our partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation. Korduni’s parents keep livestock and every now and then they would collect all the dry cow dung in a pile and burn it, leaving a layer of white ash on the ground. While playing, one of his friends pushed him, causing Korduni's right foot to get burned. He developed severe burn scar contracture of the toes and because of this, his toes are pulling upward. This affects the way he walks and makes it difficult for Korduni to wear shoes. If not treated, Korduni’s gait cannot improve and as he grows older, he will experience increased pain on his foot. Korduni is a part of a polygamous family, which means that his parents are responsible of taking care of many people. Their small income is not enough to cover their daily expenses and the cost of Korduni's operation. His father states, "It was very unfortunate that our boy had a fire accident. If there is anything that can be done to restore the position of our son’s toes we’ll be very happy to see him able to wear shoes and walk the way he used to." For $550, Korduni will receive a single contracture release surgery which will allow him to wear shoes and help improve his gait. Let's help Korduni so he can play with his friends again and enjoy his childhood!

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