Maiquel Sampaio de Melo

United States

Maiquel's Story

Maiquel joined Watsi on September 28th, 2015. 25 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Maiquel's most recent donation traveled 1,900 miles to support Jean, a boy from Haiti, to fund prep and transport for heart surgery.


Maiquel has funded healthcare for 6 patients in 5 countries.

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Kevin is a 15-month-old boy from Guatemala. His parents have had trouble affording foods rich in calories, protein, and nutrients. For this reason, he is only the size of a healthy seven-month-old. Kevin has been diagnosed with acute malnutrition. This means he has little energy to grow, and his immune system is weak and vulnerable to illness. He is also at risk of chronic disease and delayed development. Fortunately, he began malnutrition treatment on November 24, 2016. Kevin lives with his mother and older siblings in a one-room adobe house with a tin roof. His older sister takes care of him, so both of his parents can work as day laborers on a local plantation. While Kevin's parents want the best for their son, their resources are already stretched thin. They cannot afford to pay for his $512 treatment. While malnutrition can have devastating effects, it is also very treatable. Growth monitoring, micronutrients, and food supplementation will help Kevin recover. He will gain weight and grow taller to catch up with other children his age, and his immune system will grow stronger. Community health workers will teach his mother about creating a nutrient-rich diet from limited resources. Treatment will give Kevin a chance to grow healthy and strong. "We are a family with few resources, so this is going to benefit my son in a big way," says Kevin's mother. "Now I can give my son the best foods, so I can improve the health and growth of my little boy."

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Ngu is a 20-year-old woman from Burma. “When Ngu was an infant, she was very thin, and did not gain weight quickly, even though her appetite appeared normal,” says our medical partner, Burma Border Projects (BBP). “She had difficulty breathing and she did not sleep well. Her family did not seek health care for Ngu at this time as her symptoms appeared to diminish over time; however, in 2015, Ngu sought medical care at a clinic in Mandalay as she was experiencing chest pain, difficult breathing and couldn’t walk far or do activities for an extended period.” Ngu has a heart defect known as an abdominal aortic aneurysm. BBP adds that in the previous few years, Ngu experienced a decline in her health and as a result she dropped out of school after completing the 10th grade. She now needs heart surgery to correct the defect and ensure she can live symptom-free for the rest of her life. However, Ngu and her family cannot afford the cost of the treatment she needs. “Her entire family is involved in the family business, which is the production and distribution of food snacks. Business drops off considerably during the rainy season and at that time, they may need to borrow money to tide them over,” BBP says. “Ngu does light housework at home to help out and she enjoys listening to music and playing video games during her free time.” Burma Children’s Medical Fund has contributed $13,525 toward Ngu’s surgery cost. An additional $1,500 will fully fund this life-saving procedure and allow Ngu to grow up healthy. “I would like to become a doctor, a heart surgeon,” Ngu says, “so I could do free surgeries for those that need them.”

100% funded

Fully funded