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Amelia joined Watsi on November 9th, 2014. 13 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Amelia's most recent donation traveled 8,800 miles to support Sareach, a boy from Cambodia, to fund cataract surgery.


Amelia has funded healthcare for 11 patients in 6 countries.

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“Jesica loves to play with stuffed animals,” says our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). “She has one that was given to her by her mother that she likes the best.” This 14-month-old baby girl lives with her parents and older brother in a rural village in Guatemala. Jesica is acutely malnourished. With a nutrient-poor diet, Jesica is below the average height and weight for her age. “Jesica is showing signs of developmental delays--at 14 months, she still cannot say one word,” WK explains. “Although she cannot talk yet, Jessica likes to imitate her mother singing with little sounds. She will even move her hands to ‘dance’ to the music.” “Her energy is low and without intervention she will be at risk for the long-term effects of malnutrition,” continues WK. “She is frequently ill and her parents do not have the money to afford any sort of medical care.” Due to limited access to education and healthy food, acute malnutrition is a prevalent issue in Guatemala. 86% of malnutrition cases in Guatemala involve patients living in rural villages, such as Jesica’s. For $512, Jesica will receive three months of nutritional therapy. Micronutrient-rich food supplements will be added to her diet in order to boost her nutrition levels. To protect her against infection during her treatment, doctors will also provide her with deworming medication. As education is crucial to preventing malnutrition, Jesica’s mother will participate in an intensive nutrition course to gain the skills and confidence to care for the nutritional needs of both Jesica and her brother. “We anticipate over time Jesica’s immune system will improve and we will see great positive changes in her overall health and energy,” WK concludes. Jesica’s mother shares, “We are so thankful for the support you want to give us, and are so grateful for the food you want to give our family. With your help I know my Jesica will recover soon.”

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Mayra is a one-month-old infant from Guatemala, and the youngest of five children. "Her mother wants what is best for her daughter and four other children, but currently is struggling both financially and emotionally because she is trying to care for her five children on her own," says our medical partner, Wuqu' Kawoq (WK). Mayra’s mother left her husband a couple of weeks before Mayra was born due to domestic abuse. "She believes this stress caused her milk to disappear, and when Mayra was two weeks old, her mother could no longer produce any breast milk," says WK. With four mouths to feed, the mother could not afford formula for her youngest daughter and instead has resorted to feeding her baby with water with honey. "Now, Mayra's weight is decreasing and if she does not receive treatment she will not recover," continues WK. "She will be unable to build an immune system or develop normally both mentally and physically due to lack of nutrients and calories." With $1,016, Mayra will be provided with one year worth of formula. Additionally, WK will provide her mother with intensive nutrition education. Educators will coach Mayra's mother through the process of switching Mayra to solid foods when the time comes. Moreover, if Mayra gets sick while enrolled in the program, the doctors will be there to treat her illness without her family needing to stress about money or medical attention. “I want Mayra to grow well...she is still so small that I think we can change this for her,” shares Mayra’s mother. "I want to have a new life with her, one without her father, and to fight for a better life for my five children.”

Fully funded

“Sometimes my daughter asks me what’s wrong with her arm and I feel so upset. I don’t know what to say,” says the mother of Hnin, a five-year-old girl from Burma suffering from a contracture of her arm. Normally elastic, the muscles in Hnin’s index finger, wrist and elbow have become tight and rigid—making it impossible for Hnin to bend her arm properly. It is difficult for her to perform everyday activities like getting dressed or playing with friends. Our medical partner, Burma Border Projects (BBP), explains: The contractures are an unexpected side effect of a previous operation Hnin underwent when she was just a few months old, in which doctors made “an incision from underneath her armpit to the tip of her index finger” to reduce intense swelling of Hnin’s arm. As an active child who wants to attend school, “Hnin follows the other children to school and stands outside looking in. Sometimes my daughter’s friends ask her what happened to her arm, and they play doctors, pretending to cut the contraction,” shares BBP. Hnin’s mother and father work as agricultural day laborers, farming corn and beans. They were forced to work full-time to cover the expenses associated with Hnin’s previous surgery, so Hnin lives with her grandmother. “However, their work is irregular and the family earns enough to cover daily expenses, but they don’t have savings or money to pay for Hnin’s healthcare,” adds BBP. After borrowing money for Hnin’s previous surgery at 20% interest, “the interest quickly accumulated and the couple had trouble paying it off.” With the support of Hnin’s make-believe doctor pals, Watsi donors, and physicians at BBP’s Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand, Hnin’s treatment and recovery can be made possible. $1,500 in Watsi funding, along with $1,585 in subsidies from BBP, will cover a contracture release surgery for Hnin, in which doctors will make incisions in her arm to remove the abnormal tissue. BBP predicts, “Following treatment it is hoped that Hnin will have full use of her arm and will then be able to attend school in Burma with her friends.” Her mother is looking forward to moving back to Burma to live with her daughter as soon as possible. Let’s help this adorable five-year-old regain use of her arm so she can live a normal childhood!

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