Puneet Singh
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Puneet joined Watsi on October 19th, 2013. 36 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Puneet's most recent donation traveled 3,400 miles to support Harriet, a 53-year-old widow and small-scale farmer from Uganda, to fund a thyroidectomy surgery to treat a goiter.


Puneet has funded healthcare for 111 patients in 13 countries.

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Harriet is a 53-year-old widow with a bright smile despite a hard moment. She has been blessed with eight children, all of whom are married. Harriet is a small-scale farmer, as are all her children. Despite the challenges in her life, Harriet has always been supportive of her family with the little money she has. She lives in a two-room, semi-permanent house. Seven years ago, a swelling started affecting her neck region. Harriet also began to experience troubling symptoms, including difficulty in breathing, swallowing and inability to do basic chores. The swelling has caused disfigurement of her neck and caused a compression of the airway. Harriet has visited various hospitals in the past, where pain-relieving prescriptions were recommended but did not treat the condition. She decided to visit Nyakibale Hospital after hearing about it in her community. There, she was diagnosed with thyroid goiter and surgery was recommended to prevent her symptoms from getting worse. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is helping Harriet receive treatment. She is scheduled to undergo a thyroidectomy on November 8th at our medical partner's care center. Surgeons will remove all or part of her thyroid gland. This procedure will cost $252, and she and her family need help raising money. Harriet says, “I think that God forgot about me as I have suffered for a long time, but now I hope to regain my strength and, with your financial support, I will undergo the surgery. Once treated, I will resume my normal life and continue farming.”

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Aziza is 14-year-old girl and the second born child in a family of three children. She has just completed her class seven exams and looks forward to joining secondary school once the national examination results are out. She would love to be a teacher when she grows up. Aziza was involved in a fire accident when she was just three years old and she had not been able to use her left hand to hold things or be able to participate in many home chores. Aziza had surgery in February 2020 to release the burn contracture on her hand, which went a long way to enable her to use her hand more. Now, Aziza also needs an amputation of the small finger of her left hand. Her small finger has significant flexion contracture with severe damage to the joint capsules. Aziza is being raised by one of her aunts while her other siblings are being raised by other relatives after their mother passed away three years ago. Their father is not reliable in taking care of the children, and that’s when relatives decided to come in to help since they would miss meals and they didn’t have anyone to wash their clothes or provide them with other needs. Aziza’s aunt has three children of her own and including Aziza she has a total of four children. Aziza’s aunt is a stay at home wife while the husband sells bicycle spare parts and repairs them for a living. The income is not much but just enough to help support the family. Aziza says, “I am scared to lose a part of my hand but I agree with the surgeons that it is necessary and I hope it will help me be able to use my hand more. Please help me get this treatment.”

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