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John joined Watsi on September 19th, 2016. 84 other people also joined Watsi on that day! John's most recent donation supported Christine, a mother from Uganda, to fund a safe delivery.


John has funded healthcare for 4 patients in 3 countries.

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Barugahare is a 39-year-old man living in Uganda. He usually works as a casual laborer. He has four children; one boy and three girls, all of which live with his uncle. Barugahare says he is most happy when he is in a quiet place, and he enjoys listening to Gospel music and watching dancers. Six years ago, Barugahare started feeling pain in the epigastric region of his abdomen. Soon after his pain developed, it was followed a small swelling in the same area. Due to his pain, he is unable to run and to bend for a long time. He is also unable to lift heavy items and to dig. "I have a lot of pain, which prevents me from doing any work," he shares. Barugahare visited a public hospital seeking further evaluation, and was diagnosed with an unobstructed epigastric hernia. A hernia occurs when an internal organ pokes through the abdomen wall, causing severe pain. Left untreated, a hernia can cause many complications. He is unable to afford treatment in a private hospital. Barugahare's doctors recommended surgical intervention to repair the abdominal wall, remove the bulging tissue in his abdomen, and reposition his herniated tissue. The total cost of the procedure is $249, and covers the procedure, supplies, medications, and three days of inpatient care. After surgery, Barugahare hopes to work hard to buy a piece of land and build himself a house. His surgery will eliminate the risk to further complications from his tissue, and he will be able to be physically active to earn an income.

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Axel is a three-month-old baby from a Mayan community in Guatemala. He lives with his siblings and parents in a one-room adobe house with a tin roof and dirt floor. His mother works at home, cooking and cleaning, and him father works as a bricklayer, only receiving an income on days when there is work. Axel’s mother cannot produce sufficient breast milk for her child and cannot afford formula as a substitute, leaving Axel malnourished. She thought that her son looked normal, and did not realize how underweight he was. She has been giving him boiled water with sugar in it to make him stop crying. As a result, Axel is failing to meet normal growth markers and is far below the average height and the average weight for his age—he is still the size of a newborn. At such a young age, malnutrition is dangerous. Lactation failure can lead to the child becoming starving, dehydrated, and provoke electrolyte imbalances that can cause seizures. Brain development occurring during this delicate time is compromised and the baby is at risk of long term damage. Lactation failure, while dangerous, is easy to treat. By supplying the baby with formula and the mother with health education, Axel will receive the calories he needs to grow and thrive. We can provide this life-saving treatment for $1107. One-on-one education with Axel’s mother will prepare her for when he needs to start eating solid food, as well as help her watch for further signs of malnutrition and other illness. Axel’s immune system will strengthen and he will grow up to be a healthy and energetic baby.

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