Pranav Rajaram
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Pranav joined Watsi on March 18th, 2016. 38 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Pranav's most recent donation traveled 1,500 miles to support Jose, a baby boy from Guatemala, for critical diagnostic testing.


Pranav has funded healthcare for 8 patients in 4 countries.

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Gabriela is an 18-month-old baby, living with her parents in Tanzania. She is the second born out of two children. Gabriela’s parents are small scale farmers, and her father also is a religious teacher. Gabriela likes playing catch with the other children, and also scribbling things on paper. Ever since birth, Gabriela has had stuffy nose. She has trouble breathing especially at night when sleeping. When she was five months old, her mother took her to the hospital, where she was prescribed some medications. They did not seem to help, and a few months later, she took Gabriela to a different hospital for a more thorough medical examination. Gabriela was then diagnosed with enlarged adenoids. Adenoids, along with tonsils, are masses of tissue that trap contaminants as they pass through the nose and mouth, as well as produce antibodies to fight infections. Sometimes they will become inflamed and infected, and the swelling will compromise breathing. When this happens frequently, it is often better to have the tissues surgically removed. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, tells us that for $488, Gabriela can have her adenoidectomy procedure. The total cost covers the procedure itself, supplies, medications, and inpatient care for three days. Following her recovery, Gabriela will no longer have difficulty breathing with exercise or while sleeping. “My hope is that my daughter will be able to breath without any problems, and continue with normal growth,” Gabriela’s mother shares.

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Two-month-old Gregorio lives with his parents and older sibling in Guatemala. “Gregorio is acutely malnourished due to his mother's lack of breast milk,” our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), tells us. “His mother is not able to produce enough breast milk for him to survive, meaning that he weighs even less than when he was born.” While Gregorio’s mother takes care of the children during the day, his father leaves their home early every morning to chop wood on the mountain and sell it in town. Despite the long hours of hard work, his father earns very little money and can afford only very basic foods like tortillas. As a result, the family is unable to buy formula for Gregorio. “Gregorio’s mother has been supplementing the little milk she makes with water, which depletes Gregorio’s electrolytes and puts him at risk of seizures and permanent brain damage,” WK continues. The inability to produce breast milk—known as lactational failure—is a serious condition for a newborn baby without access to formula. Fortunately, treatment for Gregorio is possible. “Formula will give Gregorio the nutrients, calories, and protein he needs to grow,” WK explains, “His mother will receive one-on-one motivational nutrition education to prepare her to give him solid foods and teach her how to prevent future malnutrition.” $1,016 pays for a one year’s supply of formula and six months of micronutrient support for Gregorio. Funding also covers the cost of a case manager and a nutritionist to help Gregorio’s mother coordinate his care, plan his meals, and monitor his progress. With treatment, “Gregorio's immune system will grow stronger, saving his life and helping his family to be much less stressed economically,” says WK.

Fully funded