Julia Harris
Julia's Story

Julia joined Watsi on September 9th, 2016. 20 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Julia's most recent donation supported Kyaw Mu, a farmer from Burma, to remove a benign tumor.


Julia has funded healthcare for 15 patients in 5 countries.

All patients funded by Julia

Lydia is a 41-year-old mother of 6 children from Uganda. Lydia is a subsistence farmer growing sim-sim, beans, maize, groundnuts, cassava, millet, and soya beans for food. Her husband Lamek owns sheep, goats, and a few heads of cattle. They milk the cattle and are able to pay school fees for their children. Lydia has been troubled by uterine prolapse for the last four years which has affected her daily activities from which she gets food to support the family. During her free time Lydia enjoys listening to her radio from which she gets information and hope, through programs about religion, health programs on feeding her family well, especially children, and programs on how to develop the family’s economy. She also likes participating with other women in local loans groups from which she borrows money to support and also gets guidance from fellow women on how to manage quarrels in the family. She also goes to markets where she sells some millet flour, sim-sim, beans and peas for income. Furthermore, during her free time she enjoys grazing and serving water to cattle, goats and sheep. After her surgery, Lydia hopes she will be strong again and looks forward to continuing with farming and expanding her business through buying more goats. Lydia's treatment occurred on 10/28/2016. Lydia says, "I am so grateful for the donors' support for my treatment. I pray that God blesses you and you support more women who have not gotten a chance to have their functionality restored." She adds, “I will also support the needy in my community."

Fully funded

Four-year-old Giselle loves playing a traditional Filipino game called "hit the can." She lives with her grandparents in a bamboo house in the Philippines. They have no electricity and rely on a kerosene lamp for light. The family lives near rice fields, as Giselle's grandfather is a farmer. Unfortunately, he does not make enough money to care for more than the family's basic needs. Giselle is currently malnourished. She began $184 malnutrition treatment on October 18, 2016. Giselle is being treated by International Care Ministries (ICM), a Watsi medical partner. One out of five children under five in ICM communities is either severely or moderately acutely malnourished. Worldwide, poor nutrition is associated with nearly half of all deaths in young children. In remote communities and urban slums of the Philippines, the lack of clean water and unclean environments add risk to potentially fatal childhood diseases. ICM’s Home-Based Feeding program provides nutrient-enriched food packs to ensure malnourished children get additional food to regain normal weight and achieve optimum physical and mental development. After identifying a child as malnourished, staff and community volunteers make weekly visits to monitor this child’s progress. To help sustain the health of the child, ICM's professional staff educate the mother, guardian, or other family members about proper nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, and organic vegetable gardening. "I hope that my child will grow up healthy and will finish her studies," shares Giselle's grandmother.

Fully funded