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Saurabh's Story

Saurabh joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. Seven years ago, Saurabh joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Saurabh's most recent donation traveled 8,800 miles to support Khoeun, mom and grandmother from Cambodia, to fund hip surgery.


Saurabh has funded healthcare for 616 patients in 15 countries.

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Johnson is an 8-month baby boy from Tanzania. Johnson, the last born child in a family of four, and already is a very active and friendly little boy. Johnson's parents are both subsistence farmers. Johnson was born in a local hospital where his parents were informed that his spine was not fully formed, thus resulting in a condition known as spinal bifida. Because Johnson's condition was not severe, they were informed that he wouldn’t need treatment and that it would close on its own. As their family continued to attend clinics they were told to wait till Johnson gets to five months old for him to have any kind of treatment. At five months they took him to hospital for the treatment but the cost was too high for them to afford and they had to return home. As time went by, Johnson's mother saw that his condition could end up complicated if he didn’t get treatment soon and end up greatly affecting Johnson later in life. She decided to seek treatment. She went to Mt Meru and was referred to Watsi's Medical Partner Care Center ALMC for more help.  Johnson was born with spina bifida, a type of neural tube defect in which the spine does not properly close around the spinal cord. Without treatment, Johnson is at risk of lower-limb paralysis, infection of the exposed nervous tissue, development of tethered cord syndrome, and possible developmental delays. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,015 to cover the cost of Johnson's spina bifida closure surgery. The procedure is scheduled to take place on September 7th. This procedure will hopefully spare Johnson from the risks associated with his condition, instead allowing him to grow and develop along a healthy trajectory. Johnson’s mother says, “We are concerned if our son does not get his spine corrected, it might affect his ability to walk. Please help my son.”

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Char is a 28-year-old man who lives with his grandmother, wife, and daughter in a town in Tak Province, Thailand. Char moved to Thailand with this grandparents when he was eight years old, after his mother passed away. Char’s grandfather passed away eight years ago and now his grandmother is retired. Char used to sell fruits in the market but stopped working last year because of his condition. Char’s wife works as domestic worker and earns 4,500 baht (approx. $150) per month. His daughter is a student. Their monthly income is just enough to cover their daily expenses but they cannot save money or pay for basic health care. In April of 2019 Char was driving his motorcycle to work when suddenly a car driving on the wrong side of the road hit his motorcycle head on. He was flung from his motorcycle and knocked unconscious. The crowed who witnessed his accident called an ambulance, that brought him to Mae Sot Hospital (MSH). Soon after Char was brought to MSH, he received surgery to insert a metal rod into his right lower leg, as the doctor found that both his bones in that leg were fractured. During his follow-up appointment, he received an x-ray and was told that he would need to receive a bone graft. However, since Char has been unable to work since his accident, he had used up his savings to pay for his initial treatment and hospitalization. Unable to afford the surgery, Char refused treatment and returned home. Unfortunately, he recently fell through the wooden stairs in his home, causing the rod in his leg to bend. His doctors have shared that he needs surgery to replace the rod in his leg. Fortunately, our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF), can help. The surgery costs $1,500 and now, they are asking for your help to fund this life-changing surgery. Char shared, "I feel too uncomfortable to sleep [at night] and sometimes, I cry because of the pain. I want to get better soon so that I can help my family [financially].”

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Tumushabe is a 38-year-old small-scale farmer from Uganda. She is a mother of five who separated with her husband in 2018 after being rejected by his parents. Her husband stayed with four of their children and she is taking care of their youngest, who is two years old and hasn’t yet started preschool. She shared that she has now lost contact with her husband and does not receive any help from him. She currently lives with her aunt who helps support her with the little she can. On June 3rd, Tumushabe had a curative laparotomy surgery that was successful and she was discharged home feeling well.. However, a few weeks later, she was in severe pain again, especially with a backache and lower abdominal pains. She went to nearby Mbarara Hospital and other health units who ran scans on her. She was diagnosed with fibroids and was given tablets to relieve her pain because she could not afford the surgery charges. She decided to return to Rushoroza Hospital to seek the medical attention she needs. Tumushabe completed up to the second grade in primary school and was growing a variety of crops in her aunt’s fields before she became sick. She currently does not work due to severe pain and cannot even sit comfortably. Her aunt and uncle are unable to fund her surgery and therefore she is seeking financial support. She needs to undergo a hysterectomy, a procedure in which surgeons will remove her uterus. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $228 to fund Tumushabe's surgery. On October 7th, she will undergo gynecological surgery at our medical partner's care center. Once recovered, Tumushabe will be able to resume her daily activities free of pain and her quality of life will improve. Tumushabe says, “I pray for the WATSI program for assisting me and I am grateful for their kind financial support. I will resume farming as soon as possible.”

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