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Watsi at St John's University

Watsi at St. John’s University is comprised of students who want to help make healthcare a reality for everyone.

3 Patients Funded

$108 Total Donated

8 Members


We all share the same passion to help give people the healthcare they deserve and need. Our team chose Watsi, among other healthcare organizations, because it prioritizes the patients. Between the full disclosure and full transparency of all funds collected, to the direct and immediate aid of patients, Watsi has shown us that it cares about those in need. We are all very privileged to have healthcare in this country and often times we forget that not everyone around the world has the same opportunities as us. Our goal is to help Watsi raise awareness regarding this within our school as well as our community. We hold events to help spread awareness as well as fundraising events to directly fund for a patient’s treatment. All of the money we raise is donated directly towards the patient. Like Watsi, our team also values being completely transparent about where the money we raise goes. Together as a team, SJU Watsi promises to do whatever we can to bring healthcare to everyone on the planet, one patient at a time.


All patients Watsi at St John's University has funded