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In 2007, Cheng’s house burned down and she suffered severe burns to her upper body, including her neck and arms. Six years later, Cheng still does not have full mobility, which makes everyday tasks a major challenge because she can’t move around or even straighten her arm without pain.

Fortunately, Cheng’s condition is treatable. With reconstructive surgery, Cheng will regain her mobility and be able to live a normal life.

Cheng is a mother of five from a small coastal town. She grows vegetables for merchants to sell at the market for a living. She works hard, but she cannot afford the medical care she needs.

Cheng enjoys spending time with her children and taking care of her home. Let’s help her get the treatment she needs so she can get back to living her life.

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Cheng was submitted by Children's Surgical Centre in Cambodia. Learn more

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