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Success! Marie-Guerda from Haiti raised $1,285 to fund a mastectomy.

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Marie-Guerda's treatment was fully funded on January 8, 2018.

Photo of Marie-Guerda post-operation

August 15, 2017

Marie-Guerda underwent a mastectomy.

Marie-Guerda had a successful mastectomy with reconstruction. She is extremely pleased with the results and is happy that she was able to get this treatment. She is on the road to recovery and feels great about getting her health back.

She says, “I feel really good about everything that happened. It was a blessing and now I can continue the fight.”

Marie-Guerda had a successful mastectomy with reconstruction. She is extremely pleased with the results and is happy that she was able to ge...

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July 28, 2017

Marie-Guerda is a 39-year-old woman who is the mother of two girls. Marie-Guerda lives with her husband and children in the southern province of Haiti. She used to be a kindergarten teacher, but she isn’t currently working. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

After four sessions of chemotherapy, a treatment that decreases cancerous cells, Marie-Guerda will have a mastectomy. She is relieved that she will have surgery soon, for she wants to regain her independence and return to work. She wants to be able to take care of her children and be fully present in their lives as they grow up.

Marie-Guerda will have her operation on July 28. Our medical partner, Innovating Health International, is requesting $1,285 to fund this operation to remove the malignant tumor in Marie-Guerda’s breast.

Marie-Guerda is a 39-year-old woman who is the mother of two girls. Marie-Guerda lives with her husband and children in the southern provinc...

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Marie-Guerda's Timeline

  • July 28, 2017

    Marie-Guerda was submitted by Gaelle Mondestin at Innovating Health International, our medical partner in Haiti.

  • July 28, 2017

    Marie-Guerda received treatment at St. Luc Family Hospital. Medical partners often provide care to patients accepted by Watsi before those patients are fully funded, operating under the guarantee that the cost of care will be paid for by donors.

  • August 15, 2017

    Marie-Guerda's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • August 15, 2017

    Marie-Guerda's treatment was successful. Read the update.

  • January 08, 2018

    Marie-Guerda's treatment was fully funded.

Funded by 22 donors

Funded by 22 donors

Mastectomy with Reconstruction
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On average, it costs $1,285 for Marie-Guerda's treatment
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Wel is a five-year-old boy who lives with his parents and an older sister and brother. His parents are subsistence farmers while he and his siblings are students. His mother forages for food and fishes to supplement their meals, while his father also works as a day laborer. The income he receives is just enough to cover their daily expanses but is not enough to pay for basic healthcare. On the 26th of December 2019, Wel was playing with pebbles at school with his friends. When he came back home that afternoon, he was crying but no one was home; his mother was away fishing. When she came back home and saw him still crying, she asked him what was wrong. Wel told her that while he was playing with his friends at school, one of his friends threw a pebble that hit him in his left eye. Since then, his left eye hurt a lot. His mother checked his eye, but she did not see any redness, and thought that the pain would go away after a while. Five days later, Wel complained that his left eye hurt more than before. His mother then took him to Hpa-An General Hospital, where his eye was checked. The doctor saw pus in his left eye and told his mother to take him to a hospital in Yangon as they cannot do anything for him there. The doctor provided him with eye drops and they returned home. Wel's mother did not have enough money to go to Yangon. His mother administered the eye drops for him, but his eye did not get better. His mother started to worry more about him and tried to look for a way to take him to another hospital. One of their neighbors suggested that she bring him to Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) in Mae Sot, Thailand, as she has been to the clinic before. On the 5th of January 2020, Wel's mother borrowed 100,000 kyat (approx. 100 USD) from a neighbor and took him to MTC. There, his eye was checked but the medic referred him to Mae Sot Hospital (MSH), as they could not treat Wel at the clinic. When Wel arrived at MSH, the doctor examined his eye and told Wel’s mother that he has an ulcer in the cornea of his left eye. His left eye had turned white and he also had pus due to the infection in his eye. The doctor told them that unfortunately the only option left was to remove his left eye so that his right eye would not become infected as well. Wel cried when he learned that his left eye had to be removed. Wel's mother however agreed to the procedure and he was scheduled to receive surgery on the 20th of January. Unable to pay for the surgery, the medic at MTC referred Wel to Watsi medical partner Burma Children Medical Fund for assistance in accessing treatment. Currently, Wel's left eye is itchy and has discharge coming from it. He cannot look at sunlight, as if he does his eye hurts. Before he stated taking the painkillers provided by MSH, his eye was very painful. He can no longer see anything with his left eye. "I want him to continue his studies after he receives treatment and I would like him to become either a teacher or a nurse in the future," said Wel's mother. "I don’t want him to work on the farm like us because he will have only one eye, so I want him to get a good job.”

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Joseph is a 19-year-old joyful boy who hails from the Mount Elgon area in Kenya. He shared that he is known around the village as the guy with the large mass due to his protruding hernia on his abdomen. In February 2019, Joseph was involved in a road traffic accident when he was headed home from his daily labor. He sustained injuries in his stomach where he was rushed to a hospital and an exploratory laparotomy was done. A few days later, Joseph was discharged from hospital and as his wounds were healing he started developing a mass on his stomach. Joseph feared to go to the hospital again because he didn’t want to be in pain. As the mass grew bigger, Joseph started worrying about his life. He went to his church pastor where the church raised money to send him to the capital city to get it removed but they were told he needed a specialist who demanded a lot of money which they could not afford. Joseph had given up on the possibility of getting treated. It was not until a friend asked his pastor to bring him to our hospital, where he was diagnosed with an incisional hernia that he was happy to be told that his condition can be treated. Joseph's father died of illness while he was young. He dropped out of school in Grade 4 because his mother re-married and she didn't have money to send him to school, so he began to work in farms to help get money for his daily needs like food. Joseph works in the farms and gardens and enjoys planting and farming. He wants to be able to have a big farm and grow lots of vegetables, corn, and millet. Joseph has gone to other doctors to help with his mass but everyone said it wasn’t operable. He is most disturbed by the way people who stare at him. Joseph is a very practical man and looks forward to going back to his farm and working hard to have a good crop and harvest and have a good life. Joseph is worried that he might not get a wife due to his condition. He is also facing stigma by people talking about his condition and has been denied work. If he is not treated, his condition will continue to worsen and his future plans feel bleak to him if he does not get treatment. Joseph told us, “I just want to be able to find a girl to marry and have a family.”

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100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.