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Alice's treatment was fully funded on February 14, 2013.

Alice is a mother-to-be who wants a safe delivery for her baby. She is currently seven months pregnant and worried about what will happen if she delivers at home without access to medical assistance. Alice has given birth at home twice before, but she wants to learn more about the birth process and take a proactive role in her reproductive health.

Like moms around the world, Alice dedicates herself tirelessly to her family. She spends her days working in the fields, caring for her cows and chickens, and fetching fresh water for her children. She dreams of a future where her children are educated, she has steady work, and they can all be self-sufficient.

In Kenya, the infant mortality rate is 55 deaths per 1,000 live births. We hope to raise the $205 Lwala Community Alliance needs to make sure Alice has a safe delivery. The cost of her care includes prenatal visits to Lwala Community Hospital, community health worker home visits for training on nutrition, pregnancy risk factors, and micro-savings in preparation for the baby, delivery at Lwala Community Hospital, and a post-natal check-up.

Health providers at Lwala Community Alliance believe that, with access to those basic services, Alice can have “a safe delivery, reduced risk of complications, and increased knowledge of how to stay healthy and prevent disease.”

Alice is a mother-to-be who wants a safe delivery for her baby. She is currently seven months pregnant and worried about what will happen if...

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Alice's Timeline

  • February 14, 2013

    Alice's profile was published to start raising funds.

  • February 14, 2013

    Alice's treatment was fully funded.


    Awaiting Alice's treatment update from Lwala Community Alliance.

Funded by 7 donors

Funded by 7 donors

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Joseph is a 59-year-old who relocated from his homeland to Kenya, where he has been for over 20 years. Joseph is a father to one child. His wife left their family many years ago. Currently, Joseph works as a day laborer and is especially well known for his tree cutting skills. He and his son stay with a family on their farm, where he often works. Several days ago, Joseph experienced an extremely painful accident. He fell from a tree when he was cutting tree branches. As a result, Joseph sustained multiple severe injuries, including multiple left rib fractures with a pneumothorax, and a closed intertrochanteric femur fracture on his right leg. He was rushed to our medical partner's care center Kapsowar Hospital, where he received emergency care and a chest tube was inserted to drain fluids surrounding his lungs caused by the impact of the incident. Since his admission, his condition has improved. Joseph was also put on traction to restore and maintain straight alignment and length of the fractured bone. Joseph is still bedridden and in pain, and is not able to walk and work. Despite this, he is optimistic that he will recover soon with proper treatment. Joseph requires funding for the fixation of his fracture to facilitate a full recovery. He is unable to raise any amount for his surgery, and appeals for financial support. Fortunately, surgeons at our medical partner can help. On April 27th, Joseph will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. This procedure will help Joseph recover from his pain and restore his mobility, allowing him to return to walking and working. Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare, is requesting $1,016 to fund his procedure. Joseph shared, “My hope is to be healed and be on my feet again so that I can continue with my daily duties."

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Ko is a 37-year-old father of five who lives with his wife, three daughters and two sons in a refugee camp in Thailand. His family receives a cash card every month from an organization, but this is not enough to cover their expenses. Therefore, he also works as an agricultural day laborer in a nearby Thai village. In his free time, Ko enjoys playing cane ball and spending time with his friends. On December 11, 2020, Ko slipped and fell onto rocks outside of the camp. When he tried to get up, Ko could tell that his leg was broken. He went to the hospital in the refugee camp run by Malteser International (MI). He was eventually referred to a hospital where he underwent surgery to insert a metal rod into his leg on December 25, 2020. When he went back to the hospital for his follow-up appointment on February 3, 2021, the doctor observed that the surgical wound was infected and he underwent surgery to clean his wound. When the wound still did not heal, the doctor referred him to another hospital, where the doctor told him he would need an additional surgery to remove necrotic tissue and replace the rod in his leg. Currently, Ko is experiencing a lot of pain. It is difficult for him to walk and he is worried about his family in the camp. With the help of our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, Ko will undergo surgery to reset his fractured bones and finally heal. This procedure will allow Ko to walk and his leg to heal properly. The procedure is scheduled for March 12th and will cost $1,500. Ko shared, “I really want to work to support my family as soon as possible. I cannot imagine what life would be like for my family if my leg never heals.”

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100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.